Cosmetic Dentistry in Durban

Cosmetic dentistry refers to procedures done on a person’s teeth to enhance its appearance. Family Dental Care offers a full scope of cosmetic dentistry procedures at all of their branches in Durban. The best course moving forward will be suggested by our dentist after a full initial exam of the patient’s mouth. Appointments for cosmetic dentistry in Durban with us, can be made from Mondays to Fridays, and Saturdays as well for those who cannot make it on weekdays. Any one of our cosmetic treatments will bring about a better smile. We remain at the forefront of dental developments bringing the latest technology to our patients requiring cosmetic dentistry in Durban. The following treatments for cosmetic dentistry in Durban are available from Family Dental Care.


Zoom teeth whitening- teeth whitening is perhaps the easiest way to perk up your teeth from all of the cosmetic dentistry options. Brighter, whiter teeth are seen as healthier than their stained counterparts. Our dentists make use of the Zoom whitening system. It is a combined use of bleaching gel and a special ultraviolet light. cosmetic dentistry in durban

  • The first step in the procedure is to have a picture taken which will measure the results at the end of the session.
  • The second step requires for a plastic retractor to be placed in the mouth which will keep it open. 
  • The third step is when the gum area, lips and tongue will be covered to protect them from the bleach.
  • The forth step has the gel being applied to the teeth.
  • The fifth step will have the Zoom light placed over the teeth for 15 minutes at a time, for a total of 3 rounds.
  • Once this is done the sixth step will be the dentist removing all of the coverings and gel from the mouth.
  • In the final step a picture is taken again to show the patient the results that have been attained.


Fillings- dental fillings are used in a variety of issues for cosmetic dentistry in Durban with Family Dental Care. It is used to patch up a minor cracked tooth before the crack can extend deeper into the tooth at which point it will need to be extracted. It is also used to fill up a hollow area left behind once decay has been removed from a tooth. In both these instances it can be seen as restorative, but dental fillings do have cosmetic purposes as well. Our dentists use composite fillings which when applied to the tooth looks very natural. This is why they can be used to fix up a front chipped tooth.


cosmetic dentistry in durbanVeneers- veneers are a relatively quick procedure if you are looking at cosmetic dentistry in Durban. A local anaesthetic is required though, to remove any discomfort that will be felt when a thin layer of the tooth is removed to prepare for the attachment of the veneer. Veneers are made from porcelain material and can be created in any size, shape or colour. This will depend on what will look best on the patient’s teeth. Once attached, the patient has an immediate makeover in the look of the front teeth which is why they are also a popular procedure for cosmetic dentistry in Durban.




Crowns- crowns are also a much sought after cosmetic dentistry option in Durban option. They are similar in concept to veneers but in this case they will cover cosmetic dentistry in durbanthe entire tooth and not just the front. They are also used for restorative purposes when the tooth structure has been damaged and therefore are much bigger in size than veneers. The process of receiving a crown would be to remove any decay from the tooth receiving it and then get an impression of it. This impression will be used to create a custom crown which will have a perfect fit over the tooth in question. Once permanently attached, a person would get a full tooth, free of any damage or decay. It usually takes 2 visits to get a crown fitted in. The first for taking the impression and the second for receiving the crown after it is made in a dental lab. However, when undergoing cosmetic dentistry in Durban with Family Dental Care, patients would only need to schedule one appointment. This is because we make use of the CEREC system which allows us to design and make the crown right in the office during the session and cement it in place directly after. Crowns are also used during tooth implants. When a permanent tooth falls out, a titanium screw is surgically placed in the jaw area below that tooth. It will take a couple of months for this screw to bond in completely and be firm enough to have a crown attached to it.


Bridges- cosmetic dentistry in Durban with Family Dental Care also includes bridges for people with a missing tooth who do not want to undergo the process of an implant. For this to be an option there would have to be teeth on the adjoining sides of the missing tooth. A bit of these adjoining teeth will be removed to make way for a crown. A 3 way crown is then made. It is joined together going directly over the 2 adjoining teeth with the middle crown filling in the space of the missing tooth. The purpose of the bridge is for the crown which will fill the spot of the missing tooth to have support on either side to keep it in place. The CEREC system will be used to make the bridge as well, allowing for patients with a missing tooth to leave the dental rooms with a brand new tooth in just one session.


Full dental rehabilitation- is when our dentist restores teeth on both the upper and lower jaws. Teeth that require this type of extensive treatment are due to decay, trauma and even jaw pain. In severe cases a specialist dentist will have to be brought in to assist. Dental rehabilitation also includes getting treatments to the gums and jaw area to ensure that the teeth have a stable foundation. If orthodontic intervention is required to make adjustments to a painful bite then this will also have to be taken into account for the rehabilitation process.

cosmetic dentistry in durban