Dentist in Hillcrest

dentist in hillcrestHillcrest is a booming town situated between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Recent years have seen an exponential increase in gated estates and shopping centres here. An option for a dentist in Hillcrest would be the Family Dental Care branch in the nearby town of Waterfall.

It is only a 10 minute drive to gain access to one of the branches of a dental practice that is dedicated to quality care. For a dentist in Hillcrest, the Family Dental Care Waterfall branch offers a dentist that is skilled at basic dentistry along with the more advanced cosmetic treatments. The practice is open 6 days a week. Appointments can be done telephonically or online.


Where to go when looking for a Dentist in Hillcrest

A routine appointment with a dentist should be done twice yearly and if you are looking for a dentist close to Hillcrest, our nearby Waterfall practice offers just this. You would want a family orientated dentist and one who is truly concerned and able to help with the oral health of your entire family. Routine appointments are so essential to keep to. It is during this time period that our dentist is able to removedentist in hillcrest any plaque build-up before it sets into tartar and starts causing decay. The entire mouth is also inspected at this time. Irregularities can be picked up easier by a dentist who is familiar with your mouth. Dentists do not just focus on the teeth but also the soft tissue area of the mouth. As easily as plaque makes its way onto teeth, it just as easily goes into the gum pockets where it can cause just as much damage. It is best to remove this in its early stages or you would find yourself needing some cosmetic treatments to rectify it. This is a costly and time consuming process and can be avoided. For children in particular, finding a dentist in Hillcrest can be challenging . Ideally, it should be a paediatric dentist who is specialized in the needs of kids. Not only do they have that knack for communicating with younger ones, they also possess the detailed eye for issues such as overcrowding which happens when the primary teeth fall out. Routine visits for kids are strongly recommended and you can rest assure that your child is in good hands at the family dental group.


Emergency Appointments with our Dentist

You can always visit our Waterfall branch if you need an Emergency  dentist and are in Hillcrest. Keep this branch as your go to site, if the need arises. You do not want to go around scrambling for a dentist in Hillcrest when you can save that time and make your way faster to our Waterfall dental practice which is close and easily accessible. Seeking out a dentist in Hillcrest in an emergency could be for a variety of reasons from pain, aesthetics and convenience. In regards to pain, you may need to see a dentist if you have a major toothache or swollen gums. These factors are often caused by poor dental care wheredentist in hillcrest bacterial infections from tartar have made their way into the gum pockets or into the tooth itself. Urgent intervention is needed to reduce pain and to make sure that the infection does not spread. Not getting rid of an infection will cause the tooth to be permanently damaged, needing removal. Many people do not go to the dentist in a hurry when they have an extreme toothache, fearing a root canal treatment. In theory, it does sound like it could be painful but with local anaesthesia or even conscious sedation, you will not feel any pain whatsoever. Root canals have gotten a bad name due to the inferior sedation methods of the past. This is definitely not something to be feared today. In as little as an hour, the infection will be cleared up and the tooth will not have to be removed. An aesthetic reason to visit the dentist in a hurry would be a front chipped tooth. No one really plans to have a chipped tooth and if it happens right before a big event, then it will need to be fixed right before. This is where an emergency dentist comes into play. With dental fillings, the chipped portion can be filled out and the tooth can be made to look whole again. Our Waterfall branch also provides a convenient base for a dentist in Hillcrest, if a routine visit is needed. You may have gotten a call to leave to another city the next day and would want to tackle your dental concerns before leaving.

Cosmetic Treatments That We Offer

We offer many treatments to enhance the look of your teeth, across all of our dental branches in Durban. So, if you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Hillcrest, our Waterfall branch offers a dentist that is fully trained in these advanced dental procedures. The most basic is teeth whitening, which is done with a light/gel combo. A whiter smile gives more confidence and a sense of dentist in hillcrestyouth. The next option to change the look of your teeth would be veneers. These are thin pieces of porcelain that are placed over the front of the tooth. They are a permanent placement and can last decades if well cared for. Its permanence stems from the fact that a bit of the tooth will have to be removed in order for the veneer to have a nice placement. Decay or trauma can cause for a person to have a portion of their tooth to be gone. This can be restored by our dentist with either inlays, onlays or composite fillings. Once they are bonded onto the tooth, the tooth will be restored to its former glory. Then we have crowns. Crowns are used when there is very little tooth left. The crown is manufactured to become the person’s new tooth. There has to be a little tooth left so that the crown has something to be bonded onto. At Family Dental Care, we use the CEREC system which allows our dentists to design and place the crown in a single consult. Finally, we have dental implants. All hope is not lost if you have lost a tooth. A small screw will be implanted into the jaw and over a couple of months it becomes firmly rooted into place. This then acts as the root of the tooth and upon which, a crown can be placed.