Smile Makeovers

smile makeovers in durbanA smile makeover can come from a simple once off dental treatment to a complex restoration. The aim, to get a perfect set of teeth.

There are several reasons as to why people undergo a smile makeover

  • The first aspect that is noticed in people that have had smile makeovers is the confidence factor. They now, more readily put themselves into social situations which they have shied away from in the past. This is because they are not afraid to smile anymore. This opens up the ability to connect, as a smile is a sign of welcome and interest.
  • Having discoloured teeth brings about an older look in a person. Time will naturally have a wear and tear effect on teeth, where the brightness is taken away. There are many options in the smile makeover process which will instantly fix this and in the process take away years off you look. Getting implants also leads to support for the facial features, keeping them in place and stopping the aging process from wreaking havoc.
  • Taking away all of the aesthetic benefits of smile makeovers, there is also the health of the teeth to consider. Straighter teeth are less prone to damage to the enamel, as teeth are aligned correctly. This also makes the day to day efforts of cleaning much easier and effective. Implants also have a lower rate of being infected.

smile makeovers

The Options for Smile Makeovers

Teeth Whitening – probably, the first step looked into for smile makeovers is getting the teeth whitened. In this one hour session, patients would have a gel and light combo placed over their teeth in 3 spaced out short periods. This combo delivers the best results and because the light is not shone over the tooth for a continuous amount of time, there is virtually no damage to the tooth. There is no down time to this procedure, and people can get back to work right after. Results last for a while, upon which time it should be redone to keep up makeovers

Veneers – this is the first of the treatments for smile makeovers that comes with some permanence to the tooth. A minute portion of the front of the tooth will have to be removed to make space for the veneer to be fitted onto. This is done because the veneer can be shaped or coloured various ways which will alter the look of the tooth. Problems which are instantly solved with veneer during smile makeovers include chipped teeth, gap between teeth, or discoloured and crooked teeth.

Crowns – this is sort of the same as a veneer, though a crown will encase the entire tooth and not just the front portion. They are used when tooth structure is already missing such as from decay or general wear and tear. At Family Dental Care, porcelain material is used for the fabrication of veneers and crowns. They offer a natural looking finish, are just as strong as normal teeth and does not decay. Smile makeovers with crowns are a 1 day affair at Family Dental Care. The past process would mean several visits to the dentist to make and then fit crowns. We offer the CEREC crown system which allows our dentists to take a mould of your mouth, design a crown with it and fabricate it in office right away.

Implants – growing up, we have all heard that age old adage of only getting one set of teeth. That’s not the case anymore. If you have lost your teeth or will have to have them removed due to an infection, advanced decay or damage, an implant allows you to get a brand new tooth. They are the most invasive when it comes to smile makeovers even needing a small amount of surgery to insert the titanium implant into the jaw. This implant will take some time to bond into the bone and become a permanent fixture in the mouth. It is on this that a connector device will be attached to, to then hold a crown. And voila, behold a brand new tooth.

Invisible Braces – when it comes to smile makeovers, this will be the longest to achieve. On the plus side, it is a permanent adjustment to your teeth without any interference to the structure of thesmile makeovers tooth itself. This new way of straightening teeth is done by the use of clear retainers. When worn, they are unnoticeable and in addition they are also removable, making them the ideal choice for adults who wish to straighten their teeth. No more dealing with metal semi permanently stuck onto the tooth or wire dangling out of place and piercing the gums. Patients will receive a new set every few weeks which has been shaped to move the teeth gently into the desired position. At Family Dental Care, the Right Align system has been chosen, for its effectiveness and affordability.


Smile Makeovers in Durban

These extensive range of treatments are available in Durban. You would want to choose a dentist who has the expertise to provide you with exceptional results, at affordable costs. At Family Dental smile makeovers in durbanCare, smile makeovers in Durban can be done at any of our branches across the city. Durban provides a great backdrop in getting dental procedures done. This evergreen holiday city is just the place to relax and recover from dental treatments. Taking a few days to get used to your new smile is just the cherry on top, when you get to enjoy the many sights and activities that Durban has on offer. The cost of smile makeovers in Durban is made all the more affordable, due to the lower cost of living here than in other parts of the country. Since all smiles are different, requiring different methods to achieve perfection, the final cost of smile makeovers in Durban will differ from patient to patient. Options and payment plans will be discussed in detail during the initial consultation. From here, patients can weigh their options and proceed with their smile makeovers in Durban.