Porcelain Crowns in South Africa

porcelain crowns south africaDental crowns offer both an increased cosmetic and functionality to damaged teeth. Essentially, they are carefully crafted pieces which are attached to a tooth which has lost much of its body. The crown offers a way to have a replacement tooth by giving back the tooth, its full body. Crowns can be fabricated from many different types of material, however at Family Dental Care, we prefer the use of porcelain crowns.


Why Choose Porcelain Crowns?

Other materials used in crowns are metals such as gold. For those who prefer not to have such a striking feature in their mouth, then porcelain would be the option to choose as a crown material. Porcelain crowns give off the most natural finish to a tooth, with the aim being for other people not being able to tell that you have them. Porcelain can be made to match the exact colour of a person’s tooth to complement uniformity or a brighter colour if crowns are going to be placed throughout the mouth. Porcelain is also a natural material which means that the bio-compatibility between them and the soft tissue in the mouth is extremely good.


The Price of Porcelain Crowns in South Africa

porcelain crowns south africaThe price of porcelain crowns in South Africa is relatively affordable, especially when considered to the rest of the world and you would get highly rated dentists to boot. At Family Dental Care, our dental branches are located all through the city. Our dentists have been highly trained in the art of placing porcelain crowns. It does take a certain amount of skill in placing a crown. Crowns will last a lifetime with proper care, so you would want to have them placed by a dentist who would do the very best job and give you an outcome you are happy with. Porcelain crowns in South Africa are a cosmetic dental treatment. They will not be covered on dental plans because of this classification. The cost is out of pocket, so this must be considered when deciding how many crowns you would like to get. Getting them fitted on time though, before the tooth can be lost completely, will save you from having to endure having dental implants which will cost you much more than if you get your porcelain crowns in South Africa right now.


What would Porcelain Crowns Fix?

Getting your porcelain crowns in South Africa would be affordable enough for you to be able to fix a varietal problem range concerning your teeth. porcelain crowns south africa

  • Long term damage from improper dental habits causes decay. The only way to stop decay from spreading further into the tooth would be to remove it. Usually this is covered with a dental filling, however if too much of the tooth is removed then this is not an option as there will not be enough of support for the filling. This is when a dental crown comes into play.
  • You would also be able to get porcelain crowns in South Africa even if you have no dental concerns except for aesthetic. The crown can be made to improve the shape, size and colour of the tooth providing a straighter and more defined look. Getting porcelain crowns in South Africa in this instance is best carried out through the one day option, which we discuss in the next paragraph.
  • Crowns provide the finishing touch when an implant has been secured into the jaw. It will take several months for the implant to become a firm structure in the jaw before the crown can be attached.
  • Crowns are used to be the connecting device for a bridge. A dental bridge takes the place of a tooth that has fallen out. If patients do not opt for implants for its surgical and pricy nature, then a dental bridge is the next option. It is basically a full crown placed in the gap, held in place by the adjoining dental crowns.
  • Crowns protect a tooth that has a crack. In the instance of a crack, it is imperative to get to the dentist as soon as possible. This is because when a crack is above the gum line, it can be saved. If it deepens below this point, then the tooth will have to be removed. A crown will offer a form of protection for a tooth with a history of a crack. With our one day porcelain crowns in South Africa, you have a quick solution to this problem.


One Day Porcelain Crowns in South Africa

We offer one day porcelain crowns in South Africa, so whether you are here on holiday or a local in need of a crown in an emergency, we have got you sorted. One day crowns can be made to fix any of the problems outlined above, during the session itself, using the CEREC software and machine to design and make them. One day porcelain crowns in South Africa with Family Dental Careporcelain crowns south africa is done by trained dentists with a quality track record. One day crowns will be an instant and permanent fix to problematic teeth, with the best part being virtually no down time. A mild numbing sedative may be used to first remove any traces of decay. The dental session starts with a 3D imaging of your teeth. This will be used by the dentist to design a custom crown to fit over the tooth. This is where a quality dentist comes in as they must be artistic in creating a crown that will complement the patient’s features. The crown will be made within minutes and together with a curing light, will be bonded onto the receiving tooth. It’s as simple as that for brand new porcelain crowns in South Africa. Take care of your new teeth with proper home care along with regular dentist visits. This should be much easier now, since porcelain will not be prone to plaque and eventual decay. Upkeep, in terms of colour should also be mentioned for porcelain crowns. They keep their initial colour, making it unnecessary to go through teeth whitening/bleaching every so often.