Dental Implants in Durban

dental implants in durban

Dental implants in Durban – we do them best!

A dental implant is, as the name suggests, an implant – in other words, something inserted into the jawline in place of the real thing. The ‘thing’ it is substituting for is the root of your tooth. It should only be placed into your jawbone by an experienced dental technician. It is usually made of titanium, and will hold a replacement tooth firmly in place.
Make an appointment with us if you’re in need of dental implants in Durban. All our dentists go through years of specialised training, and are handpicked to work in our branches.
dental implants in durban

When should you opt for a dental implant?

You may be in need of dental implants in Durban if you’ve lost one or more teeth completely, and are searching for replacement options.
Our dental implants in Durban are for you if:
• You haven’t lost a partial tooth but the whole one, including the root. Having lost the whole tooth, crowns, bonding or veneers are not an option that would work for you.
• You don’t fancy replacing your tooth with dentures or a denture. You want something that feels, looks and functions like the real thing, without ever having to remove it.
• You do not want a bridge, which essentially means that your new tooth is held in place, thanks to an attachment to another tooth.
dental implants in durban

The advantages of dental implants

dental implants in durban

As leading providers of dental implants in Durban, we have noticed the following benefits to our patients:
• When we fit your dental implants in Durban, we know you can carry on with your work and social life without a care in the world! It’s as if the issue of your lost tooth never was. Removable dentures or bridges never pose the risk of moving, of trapping air between a plate and the roof of your mouth, or of stopping you from having fun in any way!
• As leading providers of dental implants in Durban, we always emphasise how cost-efficient they are to our patients. In the long term you may pay more, but you are receiving a brand of treatment meant to last a lifetime. No having to adjust your dentures or needing to get replacement ones!
• Another critical factor in opting for dental implants in Durban is that they don’t affect your facial features in any way. We use the latest 3D technology to ensure that your implant fits exactly the way your original tooth did. Often, people with dentures have a drawn appearance or the wiring of a bridge may be obvious. With an implant, no one will know you are missing a real tooth unless you tell them!
• The last, but massively important consideration when booking your dental implants in Durban with us, is that dental implants preserve the health of your jawbone. In fact, the insertion into your jawbone stimulate the jawbone into regenerating and fusing with the implant. This is not the case with dentures or bridges.