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cosmetic dentist in midrandThose who say appearance accounts for very little in life clearly have not had to deal with the challenges of living with a less than perfect smile – whether it’s a cleft palate, mangled teeth or missing teeth, the world sometimes perceives you differently when you look other than ‘good’ or ‘normal’. The psychological effects of not having a proper smile include lack of confidence and poor body image on the whole – something we are a cosmetic dentist in Midrand are well aware of.

The good news is, there is simply no stigma attached to cosmetic dentistry anymore. Procedures such as teeth whitening and veneers are no longer seen as the preserve of vain A-listers, but as necessary and desirable as being able to wear a clean T-shirt. We offer specialist aesthetic procedures at Family Dental Care. As a leading cosmetic dentist in Midrand, our smile makeovers and more won’t cost you the equivalent of a star on the Hollywood walk of fame either!

Teeth whitening in Midrand

This is one of the most common kinds of cosmetic procedure we carry out, due to the high request rate for it. We will first assess whether you are a good candidate for tooth whitening – in most cases this is not a problem but if the tooth enamel is too eroded, it could pose challenges.

When carrying out this procedure as your cosmetic dentist in Midrand, we typically require that you come in for 3 visits. The whitening application is aided by special infra lights, which speeds up the chemical reactions that make the teeth shades lighter. It is almost always highly effective, and quite painless.cosmetic dentist in midrand

Veneers in Midrand

As a cosmetic dentist in Midrand we also have vast experience in fitting dental veneers, again due to the surge in popularity in aesthetic dentistry. You may want veneers if your tooth has been chipped, has uneven ridges, is otherwise misshapen or if there is a gap between your two front teeth, for example.

Veneers are fitted on to your teeth with adhesive glue. Because they are such high impact dental items, they often make an instant difference to the patient’s quality of life. We have seen shy, retiring patients bloom into socially confident individuals.

Crowns, bridges and full rehabilitation

We offer the full spectrum of cosmetic facilities and treatments – nothing is beyond the capabilities of our highly skilled surgeons. Bridges are an alternative to dentures, which are sometimes more prone to interfering with speech, eating and drinking. Crowns are useful if a part of your tooth has broken, but the root is still in tact and the cracked or damaged tooth can be salvaged.

To top it all, speak to us if you need a one-day crown – as the name suggests, you won’t have to come back for a subsequent fitting as we’ll take the impression, make the mold and fit your crown all in the same day. We are as invested in your time as you are.cosmetic dentist in midrand