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If you’re looking for best-practice approach familiar with the oral hygiene, tooth and mouth treatments for children and dentists with the personality skills set required for dealing with young patients, we hope you’ll make Family Dental Care your paediatric dentist in Midrand.

child friendly dentist midrandWe start attending to your child’s teeth as soon as they have teeth! It is never to early to cultivate the habit of visiting the dentist regularly, such as for routine flouride treatments for example. Not only does this take away your child’s later fear of sitting in the chair surrounded by strange metal objects, it wisely makes preventive care possible.

Early plaque removal, the sealing of fissures or tiny cracks and fillings are much less traumatic for you child than extractions. The same is true of braces – it is easier to realign the teeth earlier, rather than in the late teens or adulthood. Clear braces which are not that visible can be applied – in fact today’s child-specific dental options have come a very long way to make mouth matters as convenient as possible!

As your go-to child-friendly dentist in Midrand, our rooms are equipped with TVs and are as young patient-centric as possible to reduce those nerves. Our dentists are trained not only in the hard skills required but also the soft skills required when engaging with smaller patients. While the parent needs to understand and agree to the nature of the treatment, one of our big aims is educating our younger patients as well. We will never talk over them, as this is meaningless. We expect little ones to be restless in the chair so are well versed in the art of being patient, and with distraction techniques.

Some tips for taking the fear out of dental visits for kids

Preparing your child for the first dental appointment

This is critical, as the first interaction with the dentist will likely set the tone for everything thereafter.paediatric dentist in midrand

Maintain a positive relaxed attitude, but refrain from overpromising and under delivering. If you promise your child the visit will be ‘very quick’ and ‘nothing will happen’ but the child is distraught at having someone prod in her mouth, you would have broken that most sacred of child-parent bonds: trust.

Stay fairly calm if your child plays up while in the chair, as a leading child-friendly dentist in Midrand we are trained to deal with this. If we need assistance, we will cue you with something along the lines of: ‘Mommy will put her hand on your shoulder now’.

Choose an appropriate dentist

The dentist you choose must have a stated affinity for kids. Of course, as a leading paediatric dentist in Midrand we hope you will choose us.

Use positive, unexpected rewards, not sweet-treat type bribes

Bribing your kids with sweets, fizzy drinks, junk food or a movie trip laden with sugar only defeats the purpose as it promotes tooth-endangering habits. A more effective way to praise your kid for their time at the dentist may be through more unusual rewards, such as a trip to the park or a sleepover with their friends, or extra data to use on their smartphones for a week or even a temporary curfew relaxation. Link the reward positively to the dental experience, for example: ‘This is because I’m proud of how great you were during the visit to the tooth doctor/dentist’.

There’s no reason for your child to fear the dentist – just set positive parameters in place as early on as possible. This will save both of you tears in the long run.paediatric dentist in midrand