The Best Dentist in Midrand

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The Family Dental Care Group is proud to open its first practice in Midrand! Now we can bring the same highest quality dental treatments at affordable rates that we offer throughout Durban to Gauteng. Our patient word-of-mouth referrals as being the leading dentists in Durban have enabled us to expand steadily. Backed by existing patient feedback, we are confident of being the best dentist in Midrand now too.

The Best Dentist in MidrandWhat is it exactly that has set us apart from the rest of the dental pack? As our slogan says, we pride ourselves on providing quality dental care without compromise. We pick only the best dentists to join our team – not only must they have the correct professional attributes, they need to fit in with our patient-centric ethos as well. Being the best dentist in Midrand is meaningless if it does not focus on delivery to you, the patient. And that is exactly what our brand pillars seek to do.

Our patient-centric approach

We put you, the patient – first. Your interest in choosing us and satisfaction with our services are what will continue to set us apart. As such, it is at the heart of everything we do. From hiring, to new equipment, to expansion and hours, the main question we as the best dentist in Midrand ask ourselves is: will this better serve our clients, still enabling us to deliver the highest quality of care without impacting their pockets?

A huge part of being patient-centric rests on convenience and affordability. To this end, we will gladly accommodate you as a walk-in client. We have partnered with the biggest possible number of medical aids so that we can accept most rates. In addition, to cement our status as the best dentist in Midrand, we offer pocket-friendly cash settlements.

Holistic approach

The Best Dentist in MidrandWe are concerned about the health of the whole patient – mind, body and psyche – and that means choosing a treatment option that is best for you not just in the short-term but that will enhance your quality of life overall. We take into account stressors like costs, and how that will affect the treatment option you may choose. We will never impose our choice of treatment on you as good health of the individual is a collaborative process – you need to be onboard with the treatment and final outcomes as well.

Our caring approach is the default

Young, old or anywhere in between, going to the dentist can be daunting. We know that! Our dentists are highly trained to put you at ease and have a number of sedative options at their disposal.

The best of everything

As you would expect from the best dentist in Midrand, we procure only the highest quality equipment and dental technology. We remain at the cutting-edge of dental trends by constantly upskilling ourselves with massive mouthfuls of new knowledge as the latest dental techniques and information is made available in industry journals, workshops and more.

We can’t wait to meet you and make you!The Best Dentist in Midrand