Need dental implants in Midrand?

dental implants Midrand

dental implants MidrandAt our comprehensive dental practice for the whole family, placing implants and restoring them is a particular core dental competency that we perform very often. If you’re looking for dental implants in Midrand at the hands of supremely skilled dentists who are well versed in the safest and latest technology and techniques, know that Family Dental Care is your mouth care destination.

What exactly are dental implants?

Heard of dental implants but not sure what they are? The short answer is, they are replacement teeth, metal roots and all. Where as you can remove dentures and bridges, your implant stays firmly in place. It ‘is’ your new tooth.

When fitting your dental implants in Midrand, we firstly position metal or titanium ‘roots’ into your jawbone, below the gumline. These metal roots or screws are the placeholders for the tooth. A while after we place them, they fuse seamlessly with your jawbone. Advanced training and the cumulative exemplary experience of our team mean that any incision we make in your jawbone is done with the utmost precision, as we prioritise healing-friendly techniques.

Two kinds of dental implants in Midrand

dental implants MidrandBefore we proceed with your dental implants in Midrand, we’ll carefully assess your mouth and confer with you on your needs before agreeing with you on a way forward with one of the following options:

  1. Subperiosteal implants. We fit the metal teeth ‘holders’ or roots onto the jawbone. We then neatly fit your new teeth into these holders.
  2. Endosteal implants. These are implanted straight into the jaw. Once the gum tissue has healed, we connect a ‘holder’ or metal post to this implant, into which we will fit your new teeth.

Why opt for Dental implants in Midrand?

Even if you’ve decided on your dental implants in Midrand, you may be wondering what the definitive advantages are.

  • Your implant feels, functions and is fortified like a real tooth. There is no limitation to your speaking, laughing, chewing or sleeping. Some people with dentures or bridges, for example, are afraid that their artificial fittings may shift when chewing or socialising. You never need to worry about this after we fit your dental implants in Midrand.
  • Your implants represent a once-only spend. You do not need to have any refittings every three or five years.
  • There is no lost time due to having to make, fit and adjust to new moulds or prosthesis, unlike with dentures.
  • One of the most compelling implant plus points, is that they fit your facial features and synthesise with the symmetry of your face. Some other dental prosthetics may lead to slight facial distortion, such as ‘sunken cheeks’ over time. Once we’ve fitted your dental implants in Midrand, you have the peace of mind knowing that your natural age progression process is the only thing that may affect how great you look and feel as time goes on.
  • The incision in your jawbone will also stimulate the bone into regenerating itself. Thanks to your implants, new and healthy bone will grow, helping to keep your jawline firm, physically functioning and in top implants Midrand