Teeth whitening in Midrand

teeth Whitening Midrand

teeth Whitening MidrandIf your first reaction to that was, ‘It can’t be that simple’, at Family Dental Care we’d like to assure you that it is.

Medical tourism in SA and the demand for teeth whitening

South Africa is a premiere medical tourist destination thanks to our high level of technological and surgical competence, training, level of affordability, beautiful landscape, favourable exchange rate, first-rate shopping experiences and much more. This has meant that as a country, we’ve had to be at the coal-face of new techniques in cosmetic surgery as they are pioneered. And, as a practice, because we invest so heavily on ongoing upskilling and expertise refinement, our cosmetic dentistry department continues to be one of the most fully booked.

An affordable procedure

One of the most in-demand procedures is teeth whitening in Midrand. Through the years, the cost of this procedure has decreased radically due to increased uptake, and more expedient techniques being used. Depending on what benefits your dental portion of your medical aid comes with, this could possibly be covered in whole or in part. You could also think about obtaining medical dental financing, but many of our patients do this out of their own pockets.

We strive to keep rates as affordable as possible, and our vast infrastructure enables us to absorb more costs than most practices. We’re very transparent about how much it will cost you upfront – speak to us and find out!

Conventional teeth whitening in Midrand

teeth Whitening MidrandConventional teeth whitening can take place over two or three visits. We’ll first assess the state of your teeth as your tooth enamel should not be too brittle. This is simply as a precaution. We do recommend a prior clean so that any stubborn plaque can be removed. It also means a brighter final shade for your pearly whites at the end of your booking with us for teeth whitening in Midrand.


Zoom! teeth whitening in Midrand

This is a fairly new kid on the cosmetic teeth whitening block. Excitingly, it allows you to arrive as an in-patient for your teeth whitening in Midrand, and leave one hour later with your teeth several shades brighter.

How many shades brighter or how many whitening applications we can apply in one hour depends on the existing health of your teeth and level of sensitivity. However, most of our patients who come in for Zoom! teeth whitening in Midrand experience no problems. We always carefully check your discomfort levels after each stage. Very few patients report excess sensitivity.

The success of this procedure also hinges on your aftercare. Eat before so you don’t have to afterwards for a few hours. You should not consume anything too sticky or with colour in it for 48 hours afterwards. Examples include fizzy drinks such as coke or caffeine-based drinks.

After that, maintain your teeth with good dental hygiene and a great toothpaste, and enjoy the confidence that comes with being able to flash your dashing smile.teeth Whitening Midrand