A Closer Look at a Condition Known as Bruxism

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Many individuals grind their teeth at night and the majority are completely unaware that this action is taking place. Dentists refer to this condition as bruxism. In order to appreciate your treatment options, it is a good idea to look at some of the main causes and symptoms.

Bruxism Explained

There are several reasons why individuals might inadvertently grind their teeth. This may result from stress, a malocclusion (when the teeth and jaw are not aligned properly) or even as a side effect from specific medications. A handful of common symptoms include:

  • A rough grinding sound during the evening.
  • Unexplained pain in the face or jaw.
  • Recurring headaches.
  • Broken or otherwise damaged teeth.

The good news is that we will provide a number of treatment options. Mouth guards that can be worn during the overnight hours are highly effective. There are also certain biofeedback techniques which may be employed in the event that the underlying cause needs to be determined.

Not only can bruxism negatively impact your overall health, but it may lead to other disorders such as temporomandibular jaw disorder (TMJ).

The good news is that in South Africa, Family Dental Care has clinics in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Gauteng, and Cape Town. If you or your child has these symptoms of bruxism, please make an appointment with one of our practices for treatment.

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