A Quick Look at the Importance of Mouthguards

Importance of mouthguards

Mouth guards are some of the most effective ways to cushion a physical blow that might otherwise fracture a tooth or even cause it to be knocked out.

There are several reasons why it could be a wise option to wear a mouth guard. The majority of these involve contact sports such as karate or boxing. However, other activities including gymnastics and skateboarding could benefit from the use of one of these devices. Mouth guards can also be used to protect braces.

What Types are Available?

There are three different mouth guards which a dentist will recommend:

  • Custom-made models that will be moulded to the shape of your mouth (your dentist creates these).
  • Preformed versions that can be purchased at many sporting goods outlets. These are first heated with water and then inserted into the mouth. When the user bites down, the soft plastic will conform to the arrangement of the teeth.

If you already have a mouth guard, bring it along on a trip to the dentist. He or she will determine whether it needs to be replaced due to wear and tear, and whether it does a proper job in protecting your teeth.

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More details can be found here:

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