Best Dentist in Durban?

At Family Dental Care, we consider ourselves some of the best dentists in Durban. Sounds outrageous right? Well, consider our history. Family Dental Care opened its doors in 2010 to provide quality and cost effective dental treatments in the city of Durban. Our rooms are equipped with the latest in dental technology and our dentists remain at the forefront of dental advancements making us a top choice when looking for the best dentist in Durban. Our branches are open for appointments weekdays (8:30 to 17:30) and we operate on Saturdays as well from 8:00 to 13:00.

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Routine visits to the dentist in Durban

To keep a healthy mouth for a lifetime, routine visits to a dentist must be stuck to. The worldwide accepted standard for this is twice a year. These visits allows dentists to remove bacteria and plaque from a tooth before it can progress to a full blown cavity. Our team at Family Dental Care will not only remove this from the tooth with a deep clean and polish but also provide fluoride treatments to limit bacteria from settling on the tooth. Regular visits to the dentist will not only ensure that teeth are in tip top shape but the gum area as well, which when not taken care off will lead to gingivitis and periodontitis. We look after you for the long term – that’s what makes us one of the best dentists in Durban.

Paediatric Dental Care

Paediatric care is also available when visiting the Family Dental Care. Our dentists have been specially trained to meet the needs of younger mouths and let’s be honest – kids dig our dentists! This includes providing support during first time visits and dental planning to ensure a smooth ride into having permanent teeth erupt. Our rooms are also very kid friendly and engaging. We do recommend that dental visits for kids begin as soon as the first few milk teeth have popped out and that the routine visits are adhered to so that cavities can be prevented. We love kids – that makes us one of the best dentists in Durban!

Emergency Visits

family dental testimonial 1Emergency dental services include minor and major procedures.

  • Minor procedures done by our emergency dentist in Durban include extracting a tooth, filling in a cavity or fixing up a chipped tooth. These are procedures that can be done in just 1 consultation and require no follow up visits. You would need to make an urgent appointment if there is severe pain emanating from the tooth. This could be caused by a loose tooth or a crack in the tooth which has developed below the gum line. Pain can be eased by extracting the tooth. If there is tooth sensitivity coming out from a deep cavity, then our dentist will remove the decay and use a filling to close out this hollow space in the tooth which had been eaten away by decay. Having a toothache is not just the only reason to visit our dentist. An accidental chip to the front teeth will result in an off looking smile and can be quite awkward for people who engage with others on a professional level. This can be filled out with natural looking composite material in just one visit.
  • A major procedure done by our emergency dentist in Durban is the dreaded root canal. The process of a root canal involves drilling into the tooth and cleaning out any infection in this internal structure all the way down to the root area. It should be noted that the procedure is pretty straightforward and you can rest assure that our team will take every precaution to ensure that the area is completely numb and that it is done in the most hygienic of circumstances. Conscious sedation is offered to patients who are nervous about undergoing a root canal. Advance notice is required if you would prefer to go this route as an anaesthesiologist will have to be brought in to administer the drugs. We manage your pain and are there when it counts – that makes us one of the best dentists in Durban.

Cosmetic Reasons to Visit Family Dental Care

  • family dental testimonial imageWhitening teeth – whitening your teeth is the fastest and cheapest way to give a lift to your teeth with virtually no downtime to recover since no anaesthetic is used during the treatment. We offer Zoom-In Office whitening. The combination of the gel with the Zoom light gives the fastest results. A touch of sensitivity might be experienced by some patients and high colour staining foods such as wine and beetroot will have to be avoided for a little while, but this is as far as downtime goes. 
  • Straightening teeth – We use the Right Align system of straightening teeth. The system uses aligners which are shaped a bit like mouth guards used in sports but they are much thinner and clear in colour. Their design is meant to be placed onto the teeth at will and not be a permanent attachment. They are also meant to look and feel like there is nothing in the mouth. The patient receives a newly designed set around every 3 weeks. The retainers work to push teeth into a straighter spot
  • Porcelain options – porcelain materials can be shaped a variety of ways and also match the exact shade of a person’s tooth. They can be made into veneers which are thin pieces that are permanently bonded onto the front teeth to change shape, colour and size. They can be used as an inlay to cover up an inner hole in a tooth. They can be used as an onlay to cover up a small outer portion of the tooth. They can be made into crowns which cover the entire tooth.
  • Getting new teeth – an implant is a way for those who have lost their permanent teeth to regain not just teeth but to keep their facial features in place. It is a process that takes months along with a minor surgical procedure to insert the implant into the jaw. The months between getting the screw inserted and finally having a crown attached to it is to allow time for the implant to stabilize into the jaw.

We care about how you look and feel – that makes us one of the best dentists in Durban.


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