Best Dentist in KZN Midlands

best dentist in kzn midlands

best dentist in kzn midlandsTrying to find the best dentist in the KZN Midlands? Then pop on down to Family Dental Care. We are available for appointments from Monday to Saturday offering friendly service with rooms being stocked with the latest in dental technology. We cater for the entire family whether the needs are cosmetic, emergency, paediatric or if you would just be visiting us for your twice yearly dental routine visit.


Emergency Visits in KZN Midlands

Emergency visits to the dentist is likely because you have a jabbing pain in your mouth. Understandably, you would want to have access to the best dentist in the KZN Midlands to ease your dentist in kzn midlands The Family Dental Care Midlands branch provides just that. With comfortable rooms, an expert sourced dentist and state of the art equipment, you couldn’t be in better hands. Our best dentist in the KZN Midlands is able to first locate the source of the pain and then formulate a plan of action to tackle it. Usually this will mean the extraction of a tooth, filling in a sensitive cavity or cleaning out infection from within the tooth via a root canal procedure. Our best dentist in the KZN Midlands is able to provide these treatments immediately and painlessly with the use of an injected local anaesthetic.


Check-ups in KZN Midlands

Even if there is no emergency or you think your teeth are in good shape, it is still a good idea to visit a dentist twice a year. It is here that you would get a check-up of the entire mouth. A dentist would be able to spot changes and abnormalities that are not clear to the untrained eye. The following are done during a dental check-up at our best dentist in the KZN Midlands

  • The dentist will check for any plaque or tartar build-up on the teeth. This will be taken care off during dental cleaning. An important factor is the time period for this problem. Plaque can easily be removed and the dentist is able to also remove tartar which is hardened plague which has been on the tooth for a while. Plaque is essentially a form of bacteria so if left untreated, tartar will begin to make its way into the tooth and cause decay. To avoid this, it is wise to schedule an appointment every 6 months and maintain a healthy mouth.
  • The gums are also checked by the dentist measuring the spaces between the gum and tooth. Irregular spacing is an indication of gum disease. A plan can be formulated to remedy this.
  • Our dentist will also check the tongue, throat and neck area for any signs which may indicate a cancerous growth or swelling from an injury.

best dentist in kzn midlands

Our best dentist in the KZN Midlands is available for these check-ups 6 days a week. So even if you are not available during week days, an appointment can always be scheduled for Saturday. Furthermore, our best dentist in the KZN Midlands is able to do a dental cleaning at these visits. A dental cleaning is different from of your daily brushing and flossing. A daily regime of these two elements are good at removing plaque, but if not done routinely or properly then plaque will remain on the tooth and eventually harden into tartar. Tartar cannot be removed by brushing alone. For this, you would have to visit our best dentist in the KZN Midlands. Scaling is done to remove the tartar and a polish is done to remove surface stains off the tooth.

The following group represents people who are at a high risk of developing dental diseases and who should never miss dental checks-ups.

  • Pregnant women
  • Diabetics
  • Smokers
  • People suffering from a weak immune system
  • People who get cavities very often

Check-ups are recommended for everybody, young and old, although the earlier the better. In fact, kids should start seeing our best dentist in the KZN Midlands as soon as the first few teeth start to sprout. Kids will be able to form a bond with our dentist and not fear them as many kids do once grown up and visiting them for the first time. Our dentist is skilled in paediatric dentistry, providing the special care required in kiddies dental wellbeing.


Cosmetic Care in KZN Midalnds

Cosmetic dental treatments improve the look of ones teeth but they can also have other benefits. For instance, a tooth implant will restore facial features and remove the droopy look gained when a person loses their teeth. It requires a minor surgical procedure to implant a titanium screw into the jaw. It takes a few months for this to firm up and become bonded into the jaw, at which point a best dentist in kzn midlandsdental crown will be attached to it. There are other treatments also provided by our best dentist in the KZN Midlands which can be done in a single session. A dental crown for instance, the one used during the implant procedure, can not only be attached to an implant but to the remaining healthy part of a tooth. Our dentist has the technology to do this technique, which usually takes 2 visits, in just one visit through the CEREC system. The mould is made right then and there. Apart from being used as part of the implant process, a crown is used to add structure to the remains of a tooth. A tooth can have structure taken away due to wear and tear or decay. A slightly less invasive method to the crown is an onlay or inlay which will not cover the entire tooth but a portion of it. If it is just aesthetics you are looking for, our best dentist in the KZN Midlands is able to place a veneer on the front of a tooth. The veneer can be shaped and coloured as desired and will bring about a major change to a smile. Family dental care also provides individually manufactured mouth guards to have a perfect fit when worn during contact sports and clear braces which are a new alternative to metal wired braces.