The Best Dentist in Table Bay

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You can be assured of our dental excellence as part of the Family Dental Care Group and the best dentist in Table Bay. Our core brand pillar is ‘quality care without compromise’ and it underpins everything we do, from our availability to you, keeping costs as affordable as possible and being leaders in dental innovation and best practice.

Our dental services in Table Bay Mall

We would not be the best dentist in Table View if we could not deliver dentally in many specialities. We best dentist in table baycater for everyone from the very young and mature, all your dental emergencies, preventative and corrective care, cosmetic dentistry and beyond. Specifically, we offer:

  • Paediatric dentistry – we’re able to attend to your young one’s needs from the moment their first tooth erupts. Prevention is better than cure, and the sooner you bring your toddler in for routine check-ups, the quicker she will accept the dental chair as a normal part of growing into a healthy, confident adult.
  • Restorative dentistry – 1-day crowns, inlays and onlays, fillings
  • Orthodontics – we have specialist dental capabilities to handle all general orthodontic dental work
  • Cosmetic dentistry – say hello to your winning smile! We offer smile makeovers, veneers, zoom teeth whitening and are abreast of the latest techniques.
  • Preventive and routine care – flouride treatments, polishing, scaling and more, tailored to your mouth and needs as a whole person.

Dentistry on demand

You’ll never have to fear not being able to access the best dentist in Table View – we gladly accept walk-in best dentist in table bayclients. We understand that life happens, and have the staff and logistic capacity to work around non-appointment bookings without impacting our client appointments for that day. So whether you have an unexpected day’s leave or your little one’s just fallen off his bicycle, know that our doors are open.

Incredibly reasonable rates

Recent VAT hikes have only added to the ‘pocket plunge’ effect being felt by consumers. One
of the ways we strive to maintain our position as the best dentist in Table Bay is through accessible, cost-effective care that is dispensed at industry-leading standards.

As always, we remain mindful of the cost of quality care, and try to pass on as few costs to our patients as possible. One of the ways we are able to do this is through our in-house lab, which not only lessens the time of treatment, but saves our patients from having to absorb third-party costs.

  • We have partnered with many medical aids so we are able to accept most medical aid rates.
  • Our cash rates remain highly competitive and affordable.

Holistic care in harmony with the needs of the whole person

We do not believe in following a course of care that is at odds with the rest of your needs as a whole person – whether that be mentally, psychologically, emotionally or at odds with you physically. While we are happy to prescribe courses of action, we are mindful that best outcomes are only achieved when patients buy into recommended treatment options. We will never force one specific dental care option on you simply because it is the quickest way for us to deal with a ‘problem’ – our dental integrity is much more important to us!best dentist in table bay