Children’s Dentist in Queensburgh

childrens dentist in queensburghHere at Family Dental Care, we pride ourselves on quality dentistry for the entire family. This means our dentists cater to all and even have paediatric expertise to handle the specific oral needs of kiddies. With a network of branches around Durban, you can come to us if you’re looking for a children’s dentist in Queensburgh, La Lucia and even Hilton. Our dentists are available 6 days a week.


Treatments from our Children’s Dentist in Queensburgh

Check-up– a dental check-up 2 times a year is something everybody should aspire to, and the earlier age it is started, the better the long term health of your mouth. Check-ups not only allow our children’s dentist in Queensburgh to inspect the mouth but to also take measures to prevent future problems. Case in point will be a fluoride treatment which is explained further in the next point. If tartar does build up on the teeth, then keeping to the 6 monthly schedule allows for our children’s dentist in Queensburgh to be able to easily remove it. Tartar is hardened plaque and cannot be removed with a home cleaning alone. When left unattended for too long, it will cause cavities.

Fluoride treatments– fluoride provides a barrier from plaque getting stuck on teeth in the first place. This is a preventative measure as plaque on teeth will harden and lead to tartar and from this stage will start to move into the tooth structure and cause decay. childrens dentist in queensburgh

Fillings– a dental filling can be used for many reasons by our children’s dentist in Queensburgh. They fix a tooth ruined by decay and can repair a chipped tooth also. The treatment does require for a numbing injection as all decay must be removed first and this is done with a drill device. Our childrens dentist will make the filling paste special for each patient as it will need to match with the tooth colour. For this reason our dentist always uses composite over metal amalgam. Once applied and hardened it will be filed into shape and you would not be able to tell that there is a filling in place. A chipped tooth can be taken care of in the same day as all of our dentists offer emergency dental services.

Sealants– a dental sealant is a plastic coating used to smooth out the rough surfaces on the molars. It is easy for food/bacteria to get stuck in here and lead to cavities. By smoothing out the area, this is no longer an issue. A sealant can be done during a routine check-up and does not require a local anaesthetic.

Space maintainers– a space maintainer is used in kid’s mouths to hold the spot, when a milk tooth falls out. It will prevent other teeth from entering this space. If not used, surrounding teeth will close in on the space and the permanent tooth will grow out crooked, meaning orthodontic intervention to fix it.

Extractions– our children’s dentist in Queensburgh will perform a tooth extraction for a variety of reasons be it an infected tooth or to make way for adult teeth. Either way, our dentist is able to balance pulling out the tooth whilst also keeping the child calm about the situation. Even if this is something a child has been through before, there is always that expectation of a sudden pain when the tooth is pulled out, so care must be taken.


Pain Management during the Treatments

There are 3 options to handle the sensitive pain which is inevitable with some of our treatments used by our children’s dentist in Queensburgh.childrens dentist in queensburgh

  • The first is the local anaesthetic which is used for your basic tooth extractions, dental fillings and such. It is injected into the area where the treatment is being done and will numb the area so that the child does not feel a thing. This doesn’t always work for our children’s dentist in Queensburgh though, if the child is edgy and will constantly jerk about. This is where the next option comes into play.
  • The second is to place the child under a conscious sedation. This will require the services of an anaesthesiologist who will be outsourced. Any treatments done this way will have to be scheduled in advance. This will not put the child totally to sleep, but just in a deepened state of unawareness. Our children’s dentist in Queensburgh is then able to perform their duty with ease and finish off much faster than if the child was fully awake and disturbing the process.
  • The third is a full scale general anaesthetic. When there are multiple treatments to be performed and complications are foreseen, then our children’s dentist in Queensburgh will perform the treatments at a nearby hospital using a general anaesthetic.


How to care for Children’s Teeth

  • childrens dentist in queensburghStart off a baby’s visits to our children’s dentist in Queensburgh once teeth start popping out or by the one year mark. This should be maintained 2 times a year. Our dentists are skilled in paediatric dentistry, leaving you at ease about your baby’s oral health.
  • Choose a brush and toothpaste from a baby range and start off the daily at home cleaning routine. If you are not sure how to go about this, then visit our children’s dentist in Queensburgh. Our dentist will guide you through the process on how it should be done without causing any discomfort to the child.
  • A mouth guard is a protective measure for teeth during contact sports. They can be bought at stores but the fit from those are not exactly perfect so kids might just do away with them. Our children’s dentist in Queensburgh, will take a mould of your child’s mouth and custom make a sports guard in that shape to fit perfectly. It will provide more of an incentive to actually wear one.