Cosmetic Dentist in Ballito

Finding a cosmetic dentist in Ballito

If you want to improve the look of your teeth, then you would seek out a cosmetic dentist. They are able to change the colouring, shape, position and size of a tooth in order to achieve that picture perfect smile. It is not an easy road to finding a reliable dentist that you can trust to perform cosmetic treatments.. Cosmetic dentists have an added layer of dental training, with concern dedicated towards a healthy and good looking smile. Even still, you need to find a dentist with the relevant experience that allows them to design your smile into something individualised to your face. You do not want to settle for a generic outcome. Ballito residents have access to such a dentist at the Family Dental Care branch located in the town. We provide cosmetic dentistry in Ballito, so there is no need to leave the coastal town to get a better looking smile.


Your options for cosmetic dentistry in Ballito?

Instant results- an option for an instant result for your cosmetic dentistry in Ballito is teeth whitening. Getting the teeth whitened is the most popular means of improving their look. Dull teethcosmetic dentistry ballito come about with improper care, high staining foods, smoking or aging. Teeth that are not bright therefore elude a sense of bad hygiene and looking older.. It is the shortest treatment and requires no aesthetic .. In fact, it is often referred to as a lunch time treatment and can be done during your twice yearly check-up. After a deep clean, the dentist will cover all of the soft tissue in the mouth, then place the bleaching gel over the teeth. A lamp will then be shone over the teeth in three 15 minute sessions. Clean up of all the material in the mouth is then done with the results of whitening being instantaneous and patients can get right back to normal after leaving the dental rooms. Many dentists offer whitening treatments but be aware that there is a lot of cheap materials that do not have good results and results in incredible sensitivity. At Family Dental Care, we offer the only best – ZOOM! teeth whitening.


Another option for cosmetic dentistry in Ballito which has an immediate result are one day crowns. This is an offering at the Ballito branch. Crowns are a porcelain material, shaped to encase a cosmetic dentistry ballitotooth. Used when there is not much of a tooth left, the crown helps build back the tooth to its full form. The past method of dental crowns was to have the moulding done with the results being sent to the lab to be fabricated. Patients would then return again around 2 weeks later to have them fitted. The Family Dental Care Ballito branch houses the CEREC system, allowing the dentist to design and manufacture the crown, all in the same day, in office. Patients can therefore leave with their newly fitted crown in a single day


Short term treatments – a short term treatment refers to cosmetic dentistry which is done over the short term. It does not mean only short term results, but just that more than just a single dental visit will be needed to have them completed. Examples here are veneers or inlays/onlays. Both options are lab made and bonded onto the tooth. Inlays cover the inner surface of a tooth. Onlays, ancosmetic dentistry ballito outer part of the tooth. They are stronger than dental fillings and used when a larger portion of the tooth has been damaged. Veneers are only placed on the front of teeth. They are thin pieces of porcelain material which go over the front of the tooth to change its shape or colour. This is possible because the veneer can be designed and coloured according to what is needed. For both of these options for cosmetic dentistry in Ballito, patients would have their teeth prepared to receive the veneer, inlay or onlay. This would mean the removal of a thin layer off the front of the tooth to make room for a snug fit of the veneer. It will mean the removal of decayed tooth structure for inlays and onlays. Veneers serve no purpose but to make the tooth look better. The other 2 are restorative and ensure that decay does not go further into the tooth.


Long term treatments – long term dental changes are also available at our Ballito branch. Veneers do provide an option for straighter looking teeth. Another option for cosmetic dentistry in Ballito is dental implants. This is a last resort to dental restoration. It is done when a tooth has fallen out completely. Teeth may have fallen out due to age, or been removed due to trauma or deep decay.cosmetic dentistry ballito Whatever the reason, a single tooth or the entire set can be replaced. Dental implants are a permanent way of getting a brand new tooth. If you have lost all of your teeth, then they are a great choice to no longer have to deal with dentures. It is a process that takes several months to complete. For implants, the dentist will have to give the go ahead before scheduling in an appointment to surgically insert the implant into the jaw. It is from here onward that the wait happens, in order for the implant to become a firm fixture into the bone. When this has been achieved, a crown will be attached to an abutment. This is how a lost tooth can be replaced through cosmetic dentistry in Ballito.