Cosmetic Dentist in Hilton

Cosmetic dentistry is the art of restoring the physical look or function of a tooth. There are many solutions available from our cosmetic dentist in Hilton, to not only repair teeth but to give them an aesthetic lift as well. Our cosmetic dentist in Hilton is open 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday. The following cosmetic procedures are available from our Family Dental Care Hilton branch


Teeth Whitening

The Zoom system is the teeth whitening method chosen by our cosmetic dentist in Hilton. This is because the combination of gel and the specially designed lamp give the best results in a very cosmetic dentist in hiltonshort time span. A plastic retractor is placed into the patient’s mouth to keep it open during the process. All areas surrounding the tooth i.e. gums, lips and tongue will then be covered to protect from the gel. After the gel is applied to the teeth, the Zoom light is placed over it in three 15 minute intervals during the treatment. The entire Zoom process is done in one visit to our cosmetic dentist in Hilton. Before and after pictures will be taken so that the patient can notice the difference made by the treatment.


Dental Fillings at our Cosmetic Dentist in Hilton

cosmetic dentist in hiltonFillings are normally used to fill out the area of tooth when decay has been removed. They can be used for cosmetic purposes too, such as for a chipped front tooth. Our cosmetic dentist in Hilton uses a composite filling which is prepared special for each patient so that a unique colour blend can be made to match the colour of each patients tooth. Our cosmetic dentist in Hilton can repair a chipped tooth in just one visit. The process involves applying the composite paste onto the front tooth, moulding it, hardening it with UV light and then filing it down into the required shape. The area around the tooth will first have to be numbed and this sensitivity can be felt for a couple of hours after.




Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are used when decay is much deeper and a bigger portion of tooth will have to be removed. It is made from the same type of materials used in dental crowns but will not cover the entire tooth. Inlays cover the inside portion of a tooth while onlays cover a portion of the outer area of a tooth. They are cemented onto the tooth and provide a stronger and longer lasting solution to tooth decay. Our cosmetic dentist in Hilton is able to do both Inlays and onlays.

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Our Cosmetic Dentist in Hilton also does Veneers

Veneers are thin pieces of shells, made of porcelain material, that are cemented at the front of teeth. Their purpose is purely aesthetic, and having one placed will improve the size, colour or shape of a tooth. Getting veneers generally takes 2 visits to the cosmetic dentist. The first is when the dentist will remove a layer from the front of the tooth and then take an impression of that tooth, which will be sent to a dental ceramist to custom make a veneer to have a perfect fit over it. Numbing medication is needed in this step. In the follow up visit, our cosmetic dentist in Hilton will glue the veneer into place. Getting one is cheaper than many other dental cosmetic options but patients must be prepared to remove a small portion of their tooth. Other than that, veneers do not decay and are as strong as the normal part of the tooth.


Crowns at our Cosmetic Dentist in Hilton

Veneers along with inlays and onlays cover a portion of the tooth if the rest of the tooth is healthy. If the tooth is damaged and there is not much tooth structure left, then crowns will be used to cover up whatever portion remains. Crowns are also made out of porcelain material which will be made to match the tooth colouring of the patient receiving it. A dental crown is this porcelain material that has been shaped like the patients tooth but with a hollow inside. This hollowed part allows for the crown to fit directly over the remains of the tooth receiving the crown. Once bonded into place it will look normal and function as a normal tooth as well. In the past patients would have had to make 2 or more visits to the dentist to have a crown attached to the teeth. With our cosmetic dentist in Hilton however, the crown process can be completed in just one session. This is because we use the CEREC crown system. Once the dentist takes an impression of the patient’s mouth, they will use the software in the CEREC machine to design a custom crown and manufacture the crown right there in the dental rooms. The crown takes around 20 minutes to be made. It can then be cemented onto the tooth. The patient can leave with an entirely new tooth in just one appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Hilton.


Implants with our Cosmetic Dentist in Hilton

cosmetic dentist in hiltonCrowns need a little portion of the tooth to be fitted onto. If there is no tooth left whatsoever, then a dental implant will first have to be attached into the jaw in the space of the missing tooth. Getting the screw will require some surgical intervention. This implant is a titanium screw which will bond into the bone in the jaw. It takes a couple of months for the bonding process to become stable, at which time a crown will be attached onto the implant. Implants allow patients who have lost their teeth to gain a permanent and physical feeling of having teeth again.



Braces at our Cosmetic Dentist in Hilton

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The cosmetic dentist in Hilton offers the Right Align teeth straightening system. Right Align retainers are clear plastic retainers that fit right over the teeth. They are specially designed for each patient to ensure the best fit over the teeth. Because they fit so snug, they are super comfortable. Every couple of weeks, patients will receive a new pair from our cosmetic dentist in Hilton, one for the upper teeth and one for the lower, which will be shaped a slight bit different to encourage gentle movement of the teeth into the required position. They are fast being preferred to the traditional metal braces for their comfort and camouflage. This is because, when worn, they cannot easily be made out by another person. They are also in a similar price range to that of metal braces.