Cosmetic Dentistry in South Africa

cosmetic dentistry

Dentistry is no longer limited to just the care of teeth – the field of cosmetic dentistry has advanced dramatically, allowing you dental professionals to fix visible imperfections. It has never been easier to be within reach of that perfect smile. The problem lies, as with any cosmetic treatment, in the issue of cost. Where can you get these procedures done that it won’t not cost you an arm and a leg o or an eye-tooth? Well, cosmetic dentistry in South Africa is fast becoming a go to option. This is because of the lower pricing on dental procedures as compared to other parts of the world, but with a very high standard of dental professional. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, you want to be cost effective without ever compromising on quality. This is exactly what you get from Family Dental Care.

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Influencing Factors for Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

With any cosmetic procedure, there are positive and negative factors that you need to take into consideration when making a decision. We take a further look at this.

  • Cost is the forefront of most minds when cosmetic dentistry is considered as an option going forward for better looking teeth. Most cosmetic dentistry options are not covered by dental plans or medical aid. The payment therefore, comes directly from the patient. At the very start, you should consult with a dentist on what you hope to achieve. Each case is different in terms of combination of treatments and the severity of problems, so an in office consult is definitely necessary. Cosmetic dentistry in South Africa generally more cost-effective than in other countries.
  • Time would be the next factor when considering cosmetic dentistry. If you would like the option of fixing your teeth in a hurry, then you can consider veneers. Veneers are not an instant fix but can be achieved within days. It involves a 2 part visit to a dentist where a tiny portion of the front of the teeth is removed and then replaced with a porcelain chip. The reason this is done is because this piece of chip best corresponds with the natural look of a tooth and can be made into a variety of sizes and colours. These factors together alter the look of the tooth. The result would be a brighter and straighter smile. Since veneers hold their colour and appearance for a long time, there are no extended follow up visits. If time is not a factor and you would like a more permanent solution to crooked teeth, then braces would be the way forward for you. We offer the Right Align teeth straightening method. These are plastic retainers which serve to straighten teeth over a period of time. This process takes a long time but the offset is that you would not have to give up any amount of your tooth structure like you would for crowns or veneers. With the Right Align system, time would be your only concern. Discomfort is not as much a factor as each set is custom made to fit precisely over your teeth.
  • Urgency comes into play when there is an immediate need for a dental fix. Thankfully, there are many options to consider in terms of cosmetic dentistry for a one session fix. The cheapest and most common concern to fix would be a dental filling to cover up a chip in a tooth. These often happen in unforeseen circumstances and dental fillings provide an instant solution. Onlays will also be an option to fix this particular problem as they are sturdier and last longer, although they are priced a bit higher. If your teeth are in healthy enough condition and you just need to bring that sparkle back then whitening treatments should be done. Teeth whitening is done in less than a session and you would walk out with positive results. Dental crowns, in the past, were a several week affair. First you would have to get fitted and then return in a couple of weeks to have them placed. At Family Dental Care we have the CEREC machine in office, allowing us to make the crown right after we do the fitting. A single tooth or an entire set of teeth can be done at once. Unlike veneers which only give definition to the front of a tooth, crowns do this for the entire tooth. If you have lost a significant part of the tooth due to decay, then crowns give back this lost portion. Even if you do not have problems with your teeth but merely want a better overall look, crowns can be made so your teeth appear whiter and straighter all round. The down side is that a portion of the tooth will have to be removed to make way for the crown.
  • Implants. This is an option for when you have lost a tooth or teeth completely. This could be due to decay, trauma or infections. Dental implants are the most taxing dental procedure to go through in terms of cosmetic dentistry. The process takes a couple of months to complete, starting with the surgical insertion of a titanium screw into the jaw bone. This piece will eventually become firmly lodged into the area it has been placed into. To this, a crown will be attached which will be the replacement tooth. Implants are costly and are priced per tooth, but give a great long term prognosis.

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