There is a manual that you can download below that has tips on managing certain dental emergencies at home.

Please click on the link below.

Download Manual

All our dentists will still be available to you by using Virtual Consultations. (please click on link below or on our home page).

Virtual consults

The Virtual Consult will be done via video call. The dentist will go through a full medical history can assess symptoms and advise on whether:

– A patient should be medicated, in which case a script will be sent to you

– A patient has no other choice but to come into the surgery for emergency treatment (you will be booked with FDC dentists that is on call)

– A patient needs to be admitted to hospital for medical treatment

– Home treatment can be used as an interim measure

All proceeds from these consultations will be donated to Gift of the Givers.

This way enabling us to still be available for our patients and play a role in fighting this virus.

Thank you for your understanding!

Stay Safe. Stay Positive. Stay Smiling.