Dental Anxiety: Causes & Symptoms

Some people avoid going for dental check-ups because of dental anxiety. Fear of dental treatment might limit you from getting the dental care you need. Therefore, it is important that you treat your dental anxiety.

Fear of pain is the most common reason for dental anxiety. People suffering from dental phobia exhibit a classic irrational fear. These people will do everything possible to avoid a dental check-up. 

Fear of needles and injections is another cause of dental anxiety. Previous painful dental experiences may also cause fear. 

Do you feel embarrassed about the dentist looking inside your mouth? Relax, it is common to feel helpless and not in control while in the dental chair. However, trusting your dentist can help you last through dental treatments.

Some of the symptoms of dental anxiety and phobia include extreme nervousness while in the dental clinic’s waiting room. You may also have trouble sleeping the night before the dental check-up. Others experience intense discomfort or trouble breathing when dental objects are placed in their mouth. 

Remember, your oral health affects other vital organs of your body. Talk to your dentist about your doubts, and fears. He or she will help make your dental check-ups more comfortable.

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