Dental Implants in Durban

dentist in durbanConsidering dental implants or cosmetic dentistry in Durban?


The demand for cosmetic dentistry in Durban has exploded thanks to dental tourism, reality TV programmes, celebs who tout their procedures and the general tendency toward self-improvement. It has also become more affordable in recent years as techniques have improved, putting it within reach of many more. There’s no doubt that a great smile build confidence and as an impact on work and social performance. In some cases, cosmetic dentistry is even essential to restoring tooth functioning.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Durban who can expertly carry out the following cosmetic procedures with years of experience, you’ve knocked on the right dental door

  • Inlays and Onlays

These are used when a tooth has some decay or inadequate structure to house a filling. The inlay is placed directly onto the tooth surface. When a greater portion of the tooth is damaged, we opt for an only to cover the entire surface. Inlays and onlays are made from resin and attached with adhesive dental cement. Other than just binding the onlay, they also prvent further decay and strengthen the teeth.

  • Composite Bondingdental implants in durban

We repair damaged teeth using enamel-coloured materials. First we’ll rid the tooth of the decay by removing it, then apply the composite to the tooth’s surface and forming it into shape.  Bonding is one of the least costly procedures when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Durban.

  • Dental Veneers

Skew, cracked and chipped teeth can all benefit from dental veneers. They are made individually for each person and look like ‘real’ teeth. As dental glue is used to position and keep the veneer in place on the front of each tooth.

  • Teeth Whitening

As a dentist in Durban offering cosmetic procedures, we are often asked about this. It can take up to three visits as we assess your teeth, then applying the office-strength whitening agents and activate them under lights. Your gums and other areas are protected at all times. How white your teeth wil become depends on individual factors in each case.

  • Implants

We are specialists at providing dental implants in Durban. Dental implants provide you with a replacement tooth after you’ve lost one, for whatever reason. We discuss this in more detail below.

dental implants in durbanDental implants


A dental implant is just that: an implant, much like an organ ‘transplant’. It is a replacement tooth that will function as the real thing. As leading providers of dental implants in Durban, we  insert your new tooth into your jawline. An implant takes the place of the original root of your tooth, and will hold the new visible tooth in place. It should only be placed into your jawbone by a dentist in Durbana who is highly skilled and experienced in advanced and aesthtic dentistry. It is usually made of titanium.

Make an appointment with us if you’re in need of dental implants in Durban and share any concerns you may have. Our dental implants in Durban will suit those who:

  • Have lost a whole tooth, including the root.
  • You prefer not to use dentures or a bridge to replace a lost tooth. An implant looks and functions like the real thing. A bridge holds your tooth in place by being attached to another tooth.

When we advise patients on dental implants in Durban, we highlight the following advantages of implants:

  • Your newly fitted implants allow you to carry on with your work and social life as if there’s been no interruption and without fear of making social gaffes. Implants, unlike dentures or bridges, don’t move. There is also no risk of trapping air between a plate and the roof of your mouth which affects speech and eating. Dentures also often slip around on the lower jaw, leading to potentially embarrassing situations. Over time, you may feel conscious and inhibited in general. So implants let you can carry on with life unhindered.
  • Another fundamental factor in opting for dental implants in Durban with us we fit your implants so as not to obstruct or alter your facial features in any way. We use the latest 3D technologycosmetic dentistry durban to first virtually place your implant. This makes sure it fits as your original tooth would have. This prevents you from looking drawn or otherwise different which is sometimes the case with dentures. With a bridge, the wiring can often be seen when you smile but an implant replaces your tooth invisibly or smoothly.
  • As leading providers of dental implants in Durban, we try to exceed industry standards, and equal or better industry cost implications. It must also be noted though that as implants are for life, they are more cost effective in the long run than dentures. There is no need to have a replacement implant done down the line, unlike in the case of dentures where new ones have to be made or existing ones adjusted.
  • Finally, when you book your dental implants in Durban us, it is critical to realise they maintain the health of your jawbone. The jawbone activity that takes place as a result of the insertion stimulates the jawbone into renewing itself and fusing with the implant.


Dental implants consequently provide a long-term, more permanent and optimal solution to replacing missing teeth. However, it is important to note that you must adhere to good dental hygiene. And, while you can chew normally with your implant, it is important not to put an abnormal load on your implant, especially if it is in the lower jaw. Molars are more subject to stress and grinding so last slightly less long than implants located at the front of your mouth. It helps to be aware of this, although there is no need to avoid chewing with your implant, as that defeats the general purpose, joy, and functionality of your ‘new’ tooth.

Dental implants truly represent a life-altering change to one’s life and it is our hope that in adequately informing our patients of the process, benefits and experience that they will get the most out of this treatment.