Dentist in Ballito

dentist in the north coastThe quaint little holiday town of Ballito is the newest addition to the Family Dental Care Family. So what can locals expect from our Ballito dentists? We have become known for our high end practices and keeping up with the latest dental trends, yet still at affordable rates. We treat every member of the family from toddlers to the elderly. For the full spectrum of dental needs, come on down to our dentist in the North Coast.


 Preventative Dentistry at our Ballito Dentists

The recommended interval for visiting a dentist is twice a year. It is during this time period that dentists are able to pick up on issues such as gum disease and tooth decay, and resolve them before they can cause any permanent damage. Taking just an hour out of your day, just twice a year will save you a lot of time, discomfort and money later on. Allow our Ballito dentists to professionally examine your teeth and put forth preventative measures such as fluoride treatments which will protect the teeth from cavities. Once cavities set in, the only way forth is to remove it and replace it with a dental filling. A deep clean is done at these visits also, which is excellent in preventing gum in ballito

Emergency Treatments at our Ballito Dentists

Emergency treatments are needed from time to time. You may have a throbbing toothache and need to see a dentist in Ballito as soon as you possibly can. As a family based dental clinic, we do offer emergency services. Just give our branch a call and we will slot you in urgently. In addition to getting to the root of the problem and alleviating the pain, urgent dentist visits are crucial indentist in ballito cases where infection is present. Our dentist needs to get to the infection and clean it out quickly. An example of urgency would be when the infection is within the root area of the tooth. If not cleaned out fast, it will spread and result in the tooth eventually having to be extracted. The treatment for this is a root canal. Now it has had a very bad rep in the past for being painful. With advances in anaesthetic treatment, this is no longer a concern. So don’t push back getting it done just because you fear pain. It will cause more harm than good. Not all emergency visits to our dentist in Ballito are going to be serious. A chip on your tooth for example is not really a life threatening matter but if you have an upcoming social event, you would want this rectified so your smile can be on point. In a simple one hour treatment, our dentist in Ballito will use a porcelain dental filling and have your chipped tooth back to normal.


Cosmetic Treatments at our Dentist in the North Coast

You no longer have to settle for teeth that you are unhappy with. There are several treatments available at our dentist in the North Coast. You would come in for a consultation to have our dentist in the North Coast examine your teeth and first of all ensure that you are a suitable candidate. Afterwards, we would discuss which treatments would best suit your needs. If your concerns are nothing but aesthetic then veneers will be an option for you. Our dentist in the North Coast, in keeping with our high standards, uses porcelain material for the veneers. These offer a near perfect closeness to natural tooth enamel. They will be bonded to the front of your teeth, so if you are looking to change up the shape, colour or size, visit our dentist in the North Coast for veneers. Whitening your teeth can also be done. Whether your teeth have been stained by high pigment foods or lost its natural brightness due to age, our combination of gel and light treatment will get them back to tip top form. The treatment is done in three concurrent 15 minute sessions, allowing for maximum results with minimum damage to the enamel. You would leave the rooms of our dentist in the north coastdentist in Ballito an hour later and get back to normal with your day. Another cosmetic option which can be done in a day by our dentist in the North Coast is dental crowns. These used to be a multiple visit treatment to get done but with our dentist in Ballito housing the CEREC system, you are able to be fitted with a crown during a single session. Dental crowns are used when decay has set in too far in the tooth or to protect a tooth from further damage in the instance of trauma. Unlike a veneer which is just bonded onto the front portion of the tooth, a crown will go over the entire tooth. It is also a means to get a straighter, whiter smile. Again, our dentist in the North Coast will use porcelain material for the crowns. These crowns do not decay or stain and will serve you well for years to come. If you are missing a tooth, crowns in the form of bridges, are an option. This is when 2 dental crowns are connected with one going over the tooth next to the gap and the other filling out the gap. At our dentist in Ballito, you can also be fitted for dentures. For a permanent solution to a lost tooth or teeth, there is the dental implant. This is a long process, spanning a couple of months but you will come out with a brand new tooth. It can be done if there is just a single tooth missing or the entire set. With implants, you no longer have to hassle with dentures. The procedure is basically an implant which is inserted into the jaw. It will act as the root of a tooth would. It does require a tiny bit of surgical intervention and a couple of months afterwards for it to become a secure part of the jaw bone. At this juncture a connector device will be attached, which will hold a dental crown.

Dentistry techniques are ever evolving and our dentists are always at the forefront of bringing these techniques to locals. It must be stressed though, that with regular dental visits, you could save yourself from having to go this route in the future.