Dentist in Durban North

dentist in durban northNeed to find a reputable dentist in Durban North? Try any of the Family Dental Care branches located in the area. With comfortable rooms stocked with the latest in dental equipment, we cater for all age groups. Our wide range of services cater to all dental issues. We are open 6 days a week and an appointment can be scheduled by calling through to one of our friendly receptionists.


Preventative Care

Preventative care is done in routine visits to our dentist in Durban North, which we recommend to be around twice a year. A full scale clean is done to get rid of any plaque that may have built up on the tooth. Preventative care allows for a dentist to remove this plaque before it starts to cause any real damage to the tooth. Fluoride treatments are also done at these visits. Their purpose is to help prevent plaque from settling onto the teeth.

dentist in durban northPaediatric Care

Preventative care should start as soon as a baby’s first teeth come out. Not only will these early visits help maintain a healthy set of teeth but it also develops a healthy bond with our dentist in Durban North from an early age. Children need a different skill set from a dentist to better handle the emotional factor and prepping the mouth for the introduction of permanent teeth. This is where a paediatric dentist comes in. They do not only attend to preventative problems in kids but take early action to prevent excessive future orthodontic treatment.


Emergency Care

Emergency care is done when a person gets a sudden onset of pain in the mouth requiring immediate action. Most emergency dental problems can be avoided by sticking to seeing our dentist in Durban North twice a year. Emergency visits are scheduled by people who have developed a throbbing pain in their mouth and need intervention to ease this. Some of these dentist in durban northconditions are easy to eliminate such as placing a dental filling after removing a cavity causing tooth sensitivity, or removing a loose tooth or fully cracked tooth. Something a little more serious would be a root canal treatment. This is done to clean out an infection from inside of a tooth. It is deemed an emergency treatment because time really is of the essence to save the tooth. Once the infection spreads far enough into the tooth pulp area, it will kill off nerve function to the tooth. To save the tooth, our dentist in Durban North will drill into the tooth, to get to the source of the infection and clean it out before it can spread and cause major damage. The drilled portion will be closed will a dental filling. Our dentist in Durban North only uses composite filling so once the procedure is done, the tooth will look like it did before. Root canals have a bad reputation among the general population, however because of modern developments in the dental field, the treatment is virtually pain free. Dental emergencies are not only limited to pain but cosmetic reasons as well. An ill-timed chipped front tooth can be fixed quickly by visiting our dentist in Durban North.


Aesthetic Care

Plenty of options are available at our dentist in Durban North to change the appearance of your teeth.

  • Teeth whitening – our dentist in Durban North prefers to use the Zoom system, as choice of the most popular dental cosmetic treatment. The Zoom system is a combination of gel and UV dentist in durban northlight which provides fast/effective and safe results in just one consultation.
  • Dental fillings – as mentioned, dental fillings are used to cover up the part of tooth removed either during an accidental chip, root canal treatment or after removal of cavities. A composite filling is used as the colour can be blended by the dentist to match the patient’s shade of tooth.
  • Veneers – are a thin porcelain material placed over a tooth. A little portion on the front of the tooth will have to be shaved away to make place for the veneer . A veneer will enhance the shape, size and colour of a tooth making it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Inlays and onlays – when a bigger portion of tooth needs to be filled our dentist in Durban North will advise you to go with either an inlay or onlay. It is made of porcelain material and cemented into place. Inlays are used to cover the inner portion of a tooth while onlays will cover part of an outer portion. A dental crown is when the entire tooth is covered with this same in durban north
  • Crowns – are used to cover up a tooth that has a lot of damage. The porcelain type material will cover an entire tooth. Usually it takes 2 visits to a dentist to get a crown fitted in, but our dentist in Durban North makes use of the CEREC system which manufactures a crown in a single session. An impression is taken of the tooth which is then sent to the CEREC machine to design and manufacture a crown to fit precisely over the affected tooth. By the end of the session it is bonded onto the tooth requiring no additional visit.
  • Implants – are a way for those who have lost a tooth, to get it back. As the name suggests, an implant will be inserted into the jaw, right around the root area of the tooth. This requires a minor surgical procedure to insert and it will take a couple of months for the implant to bond into the area and become stable, at which time a crown will be attached to it.
  • Teeth straightening – our dentist in Durban North provides the latest way to get straight teeth, via plastic retainers. Going this route to get straight teeth is less painful and invasive than wire braces and costs around the same. Impressions are done on a patients teeth for a dentist to custom make thin plastic retainers. The design of the retainer will not be of the exact position of the teeth, but minutely different so that gentle movement of the teeth is done to get to the required position. They are removable and worn throughout the day with the exception of the patient partaking in meals. They are changed every 3 weeks.