Dentist in Umhlanga

Are you looking for a dentist in Umhlanga? Family Dental Care can help! We provide preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments along with emergency and specialized paediatric dentistry. Contact our dentists in Umhlanga for an appointment. We are open weekdays from 8:30 to 17:30 and Saturdays from 8:00 to 13:00. We also have an online store we you can purchase  range of dental care products, approved by dentists!


Some of the treatments offered by our dentists in Umhlanga are the following.

Prevention Treatments

The saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. This couldn’t be more true than in the case of dental health. While daily brushing and flossing is a good foundation when it comes to good dental health, it is always best to visit a dentist to maintain a healthy smile. Dental visits are encouraged every 6 months. This way any plaque that sticks to teeth can easily be removed with a dental clean before they progress and cause further problems. Also done at routine visits to our dentist in Umhlanga are fluoride treatments. This treatment helps prevent cavities from forming on the tooth.

Restorative Treatments

When teeth become damaged from wear and tear or from decay, our dentist in Umhlanga can provide a filling treatment. The filling of choice is composite, known for its natural components and biological safety. When a tooth becomes decayed, the decayed portion will have to be removed to prevent it from spreading deeper into the tooth. Once the decay is removed, the tooth is left with a bit of a hole. This is where fillings come in. The white composite filling used by our dentistfills out this hole. Once the process is complete, the tooth will look and feel normal, just without the decayed bit. Composite is also the go-to choice when a front tooth is chipped, since the composite mixture can be made to blend in with the natural colour of the tooth

Root Canal Treatments

Sometimes just a filling is not enough. When decay travels further down into the pulp of the tooth then it is time for more invasive dental work. In these cases our dentist will have to drill into the tooth, right into the root area and remove any infection that the decay might have caused in this area, before filling in the teeth. When decay hits this area, an infection is caused and spreads very quickly, which at some point will require extraction of the tooth. To avoid this, if an infection is suspected, head to our practice immediately.

Periodontal Treatments

Gum disease affects a lot of people. It can be mild or very serious. Gum disease is caused by tartar. Tarter is hardened plaque. Since plaque is essentially a bacteria it can cause problems for gums as well, in addition to teeth. The mild form of gum disease is when gums bleed easily and are swollen. This is called gingivitis. Starting a good at home dental hygiene programme and visiting the dentist or dental hygienist for a dental cleaning can reverse it. If left untreated, gingivitis may eventually lead to periodontitis. Here the bacterial plaque spreads below the gum line and starts breaking down the tissue and bone that holds the tooth in place. Once these components become infected, they will not be able to support the tooth anymore and eventually the tooth will fall out or have to be removed.

Cosmetic Treatments

Our Umhlanga practice offers a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures including tooth whitening, veneers, dental bridges and crowns and full mouth restoration. Our expert team are dedicated to helping each and every patient be happy and ready to smile.

Tooth Extractions

We offer basic and surgical extractions of teeth. Basic extractions are done after the area is numbed and the tooth will be pulled out of the socket. We also offer surgical extractions. In cases of impacted wisdom teeth for example, surgical intervention is necessary. Gums will need to be cut open to access the tooth before extraction, and then get sutured up. These extractions are performed in our rooms with an anaesthesiologist.

Right Align Retainers

Wire braces are fast becoming an ancient way of achieving straight teeth. Individually moulded plastic retainers are the way forward. Patients no longer have to go through the ordeal of having metal attachments glued onto their teeth and loose wires piercing the gum. Right Align retainers are non-invasive and not a permanent fixture in the mouth. This means they can be removed during meals and for brushing and flossing as normal. They will have to be worn for 22 hours a day but they are designed to look as if there is nothing in your mouth during use. They are custom designed to fit exactly onto your teeth when worn. Right Align retainers are in a similar expense bracket to that of traditional wire braces.

Sports Gum Guards

Our dentist in Umhlanga can also make you a custom sports guard. Sports guards must be used in contact sports like karate, rugby and soccer to prevent any blows to the face from causing damage to teeth. While it can be purchased at pharmacies, its best to consult a dentist to mould one to fit exactly onto your teeth. Not only will this be more comfortable but will also offer a better level of protection.

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