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The mouth is just one small part of the body, and many people tend to ignore proper care of it, with the exception of a daily brushing routine. The fact is, while this is a good habit, it simply isn’t enough. Only a trained professional has the ability to spot any dental problems and tackle it before it escalates. You only get one set of permanent teeth and a dentist is a vital source in ensuring that you keep it in good condition. If you have a fear of drills and injections, then it is all the more reason to visit the dentist, as they can have a hand in keeping your teeth healthy and giving you a higher chance of not needing dental fillings..

If you have medical aid, then there really is no excuse for you not to find a half hour twice a year to visit a dentist. This, along with a proper home care routine provides a good combination in keeping you in good dental health. You would not have to fork out any cash for these visits. Now, how to find a dentist who accepts medical aid. You would not want to just settle on just any dentist but ensure that you would be receiving quality care and friendly service. There is also the need to select a dentist who provides the full spectrum of dental services, allowing you the opportunity to build a relationship. Family Dental Care is a network of dental clinics that does provide services for dentistry on medical aid. The beauty of the Family Dental Care network is that we have branches all around the city of Durban. You are welcome to use any of them, although the one closest to you would be most convenient. By visiting any of our branches, you are guaranteed of a standard level of high service and treatments.

dentistry on medical aidVisiting our dentist who accepts medical aid

You would want to make use of having medical aid so you do not have to pay cash for dental services. Unfortunately, not all dentists accept medical aid. Family Dental Care does provide a dentist dentistry on medical aidcontracted to medical aid, at all of our branches. Bring in your medical aid card on your first visit to us and we will handle all of the admin required for the consultation along with any future visits. We handle all claims directly, leaving you with no added stress. You are also welcome to pay cash and often you are able to get a cash rate and end up paying less than quoted by medical aid.and. It is important to note that dentistry on medical aid is covered as per your plan details. Basic dentistry is covered in majority of medical aid plans. A portion will be paid for as per the scheme rate for some of your more specialised dental procedures. Cosmetic dentistry is not covered by dentistry on medical aid. So if you need your teeth whitened, then you would have to do so out of your own pocket. You can get clarification of your plans details when you visit any of our branches or you can call and speak to one of our friendly and helpful receptionists

Visiting our dentist twice a year is covered on most medical aid plans. This is the single most important step you can take towards good dental health. Preventative care is important for the entire family. At Family Dental Care we provide a dentist contracted to medical aid, who caters for the entire family. Start bringing in your baby in particular, from the time their first teeth start erupting. This will enable them to become familiar with our dentist and develop a healthy lifelong attitude. Dental check-ups and general treatments done at these consults is dentistry covered on medicaldentistry on medical aid aid. During these preventative visits, the dentist will inspect your entire mouth. Each tooth is examined as well as the gum area, for signs of plaque or infection. If all is well, then a deep clean will be done along with a polishing. The highest concern at these visits are cavities. These can immediately be repaired by our dentist who accepts medical aid. Patients will be given a local anaesthetic, with the cavity being removed shortly after. A gap will not be left on the tooth, but rather filled out with a dental filling. X-rays, root canals and tooth extractions are usually covered on basic dental plans also. These are procedures usually required in an emergency. Having medical aid allows you to visit the dentist without worrying about the cost. Our dentist who accepts medical aid, will ease the admin process for you.. Knowing you can immediately visit our dentist contracted to medical aid, means not having to suffer with dental pain for any longer than you have to. For something like a root canal, time is of the essence. You do not want to spend time finding a dentist who accepts medical aid, but rather have one on your radar, therefore  you can schedule an appointment quickly and have the dentist clean out the tooth infection before it spreads into causing lasting damage.

Specialised dentistry is only covered on certain medical aid plans. Authorisation is needed from the medical aid company before the treatment can be done. Dental implants/crowns, periodontics and maxillo-facial surgery are some examples of this. As a dentist contracted to medical aid, we provide assistance to our patients on their level of cover. These are expensive procedures so having them as a benefit on medical aid plans offers a major bonus.