Do You Have Receding Gums?

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One symptom of gum disease is receding gums. When gums recede, they start to pull away from the teeth, potentially resulting in exposed roots over time — and leading to tooth loss. Let us examine this situation in more detail.

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The Causes of Receding Gums

Gum disease is a main cause although there can be times when an individual brushes with too much force. It should also be mentioned that there can be a genetic predisposition. Also, bruxism (teeth grinding) can contribute to this condition. Of course, knowing the exact cause will help a dentist provide the most effective treatment options.

How Can This Condition be Treated?

If the condition has progressed to gum disease, techniques such as scaling and root planing may be required. Patients might also be advised to purchase a toothbrush with softer bristles. Above all, it is important to adopt the proper oral care habits in order to mitigate the effects of this condition.

Let’s summarise by looking at three important points.

  • Receding gums can be a sign of gum disease.
  • There are several treatment options available.
  • Regular dental checkups and cleanings can prevent these complications.

“Receding gum lines happen when your gum tissue actually begins to pull back from the teeth and begins to expose tooth roots.”

The good news is that in South Africa, Family Dental Care has clinics in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Gauteng, and Cape Town. If you want to learn more about receding gums, we are happy to discuss this treatment further – and provide this treatment to keep your family’s teeth healthy.

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