Early management of life-threatening dental emergencies


While Family Dental Care is doing our utmost to flatten the curve, we are still available to serve our community in their time of need.

Dental and oral surgery treatments and procedures that make use of drills and ultrasonic devices cause aerosol release, increasing the chances of the virus spreading more easily. Therefore, routine dentistry has been temporarily suspended, to reduce the virus transmission.

It is important to us to practice early management of life-threatening dental emergencies to prevent patients from being admitted to hospitals and from having to visit any Accident and Emergency services.

The main worry regarding this is that due to the suspension of routine dentistry procedures, there may be an increase in the number of patients needing admission for the management of severe dental infections threatening their airway which could result in intensive care admission.

During a pandemic such as the COVID-19, it is essentially important for medical professionals to make good use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the attempt to avoid the spread of the virus and thus conduct disease control. Dental professionals are at high risk of being positive for COVID-19 and could potentially infect patients attending emergency dental services.

It is for this very reason that unless absolutely necessary, our dentists will be consulting patients via virtual consultations. If, in the case of an emergency treatment, our dentists are equipped with proper PPE) and practice staff follow strict CO-VID19 hygiene protocol.

Book your virtual consultation before your dental problem becomes a life-threatening emergency. Visit our website on www.familydentalcare.co.za

You can also download a manual on tips to manage certain dental emergencies at home- until you can get to a dentist.