Emergency Dentist in Ballito

emergency dentist in ballitoFrom routine check-ups to the rather more serious dental emergencies 

Let’s face it – most of us would rather skip our sixth-month or once-a-year routine dental check-up. But did you know that, as with most things in life, prevention is better than cure?

Your routine check-up to the dentist could save you an agonising dental emergency – especially here at the Family Dental Care Group, where our dental practitioners are especially trained to spot mouth and tooth issues in your regular check-up that could save you a trip to an emergency dentist in Ballito.

Let’s firstly look at five critical reasons you should be keeping your 6-monthly or yearly dental appointments. Then, we’ll examine how some of the factors diagnosed in routine care can help prevent dental emergencies, by examining the most likely dental emergencies.

Our aim is always to prevent our patients the potential pain and trauma of an emergency situation. But rest assured that no matter how severe the emergency, our six branches in Hilton, Ballito, La Lucia, Link Hills and Medical on Main are always on standby with the most up-to-date dentistry and equipment should you require an emergency dentist in Ballito.

Why you should never miss your routine dental check-up

emergency dentist in ballitoOral cancer checks at our Emergency Dentist in Ballito

Oral cancer can be a critical illness, just as any other form of this terrible disease. It can, in fact, be life threatening, particularly if not caught in the early stages. This is, sadly, a disease that progresses quickly.

The good news is that while you may not notice any symptoms or abnormalities in your mouth, as your go-to routine care and emergency dentist in Ballito, we will. Should we spot any symptoms, we’ll examine you for cancer. A unique light is used inside your mouth to check for any dead tissue or signs dead tissue may be forming due to tumors. The exam is quick, and both stress- and pain-free for you, our valued patients.

Gum disease

Gum disease – or gingivitis – is usually the result of plaque or very hard plaque (tartar) which has not been removed. It causes the gums around the teeth to swell, bleed and ultimately, break down. Problematically, too, it can also lead to infections of the jaw bone, which could result in your teeth falling out. This is not the time you want to be paying your emergency dentist in Ballito a visit, right? We thought not! So we urge you to come in for those annual cleanings, even when you’d rather be doing anything else.

Breaking bad habits

The list of less-than-desirable habits that have a serious impact on your health are surprisingly long. This is an example of when we will actually be your emergency dentist in Ballito even though you’ve come in for a routine care issue, because of how closely these bad habits are related to serious emergencies if not stopped immediately.

Clenching your jaw; grinding your teeth at night; using a too-hard toothbrush for your teeth; nibbling habitually on ice, toffees or lots of sugar; and of course smoking – these are just a handful of bad habits that must be stopped. Left untreated, these will not only lead to the likes of severe cavities and tooth malformation, but serious general illness of the body as well.

Lymph nodes and under-the-surface checks from our emergency dentist in Ballito

When you come in for your routine checks, we’ll also check for abnormalities in your lymph nodes or jawline. Based on anything we see in your mouth, we could even X-Ray your mouth to check for decaying bones, cyst formation or teeth that may be mangled below the surface. This is the kind of thorough, professional preventative service we like to provide so that we radically reduce the chances of you having to return to us – or go elsewhere – for an emergency dentist in Ballito.

Checking for swelling around the jawline area, for example, could be potentially life-saving, as swollen lymph nodes and indicators of thyroid malfunction are indicative of certain cancers. An enlarged lymph node in your neck does not mean that you definitively have cancer, but it could be a symptom.

emergency dentist in ballitoThe two most prevalent dental emergencies

As your emergency dentist in Ballito, please let us know immediately if you experience any one of the issues below. Remember not to panic – as your emergency dentist in Ballito, we are especially trained to deal with these situations calmly, professionally and with due regard for minimizing your pain swiftly.

An abscess 

An abscess is any part of your mouth, gum or tooth area that is sore to the touch, and filled with fluid. The fluid is probably puss-like. It is extremely painful and no doubt you would want immediate relief.

You’ll find an emergency dentist in Ballito at any one of our six branches at the ready to remove your abscess – the quicker you react and call us, the better. Rinse your mouth with salt water to help with an immediate cessation of pain. Make sure the salt water solution is not too strong, i.e., overly salty. This will help rid your cavity of some of the bacteria and puss in the interim.

If the condition is not too severe, appropriate antibiotics will be prescribed.

An operation may be required to remove an abscess. Any procedure will likely be performed under a local gum or broader anaesthetic. We will need to properly drain the fluid that has led to bacterial infection and close the affected area. This means you should factor in time to heal before heading back to work.

Seeing our emergency dentist in Ballito for a fractured, broken or dislocated jaw and loose or dislodged teeth

Unfortunately, an injury to the actual jawbone would definitely necessitate a speedy visit to your emergency dentist in Ballito. Injury to sporting, vehicle or work-related accidents could all be to blame. Immediate and specialized treatment will be administered.

If your jawbone has been on the receiving end of excessive force and you do not treat it, it could lead to lifelongemergency dentist in ballito complications affecting your speech, facial structure, smile, eating habits and even breathing.

Similarly, you’ll need to see an emergency dentist in Ballito at one of our Family Dental Care Group branches. If your tooth is dislodged we can almost almost save it, as long as the root and blood vessels are still attached to the tooth. Do not wiggle your tooth any further, take a painkiller and call us right away.

If your tooth has been actually knocked out, put it in a clean container right away. Other than this, do not touch the tooth in any way. Rinse your mouth, stay hydrated, take a painkiller and head to a Family Dental Care Group dentist immediately. We’ll always try to first fix your dislodged tooth. If we can’t, we’ll discuss your other options and options there will be, as staying up to date with the latest dental technology techniques is our priority.