Emergency Dentist in Durban

emergency dentist in durbanAccidents happen and a plan needs to be in place to ensure that it is dealt with efficiently. This is so true in the case of dental emergencies. You do not want to be stranded and in a moment of vulnerability, only then be looking around for a dentist. For an emergency dentist in Durban, we have branches across the city and you can simply call through to the one closest to you. We will arrange for a consult to be done as soon as possible to get your oral health back into tip top shape.


Why would you need an Emergency Dentist in Durban?

There are a variety of reasons why anyone would need an emergency dentist in Durban. For many of these, a quick trip to our emergency dentist in Durban ensures that problems do not escalate into something much more serious.  The following are some of the most frequent reasons people visit our emergency dentist in Durban.

  • Swollen and infected gums– this issue can not only be painful but can lead to some serious issues down the road. Swollen gums are caused by tartar that has made its way from the teeth intoemergency dentist in durban the pockets of the gum. Tartar is hardened plaque and essentially bacteria. This is what causes the infection, and is known as gingivitis. Infected gums will be really uncomfortable to deal with which is why a visit to an emergency dentist is often required. A dental cleaning from our dentist and good at home care will take care of this problem.
  • Cavities– cavities are usually removed during routine dentist appointments which should be done twice a year by everybody. These visits prevent cavities and a few other issues . Cavities occur when food particles are not cleaned off the tooth. It leads to plaque which will then harden and cause cavities. If cavities are not removed, not only do they continue to decay the tooth but it can also lead to tooth sensitivity. This can sometimes become unbearable. Our emergency dentist in Durban can be seen to solve this problem. The cavity will be removed, the tooth cleaned and then filled out.
  • Abscessed teeth– This is an infection in the tooth. The good news, is that our emergency dentist in Durban is usually able to fix this before it destroys the entire tooth. Time is of theemergency dentist in durban essence though, as the longer it is left unattended, the more the infection spreads.
  • Fractured tooth– a fractured tooth will definitely need to be seen by our emergency dentist in Durban. The tooth can fracture 2 ways. This is important because if this fracture occurs above the gum line, it can be filled out with a dental filling and saved. If the crack deepens below the gum line then the tooth will have to be extracted. Time really is of the essence here, if the tooth is to be saved as the crack can deepen. A tooth that is loose can be gently removed by our emergency dentist in Durban instead of just yanking it out without professional supervision.
  • Chipped tooth– a chipped tooth can happen at any time and at any place. You do have the opportunity to take care of it at will, since it does not pose any medical danger, though for social emergency dentist in durbanneeds you may have to make a trip to our emergency dentist in Durban. Our dentists use the composite material as the filling choice. This is the safer and environmentally better choice when compared to amalgam fillings. Once it is applied, hardened, moulded and polished it will be just like having your full tooth back. This is because it can be made into the exact colour to match the tooth and once bonded, you will not be able to tell that it is even there. It is a one consult treatment with no down time. Numbing is required for the moulding part of the treatment as it does emit a sharp pain. This numbness wears off in a couple of hours and patients should be back to normal even before this.
  • Special needs– we understand the needs of children with autism. Due the behavioural and sensitivity issues, parents are unlikely to know when their kids will have a good or bad day. Appointments can be made, but if the child is acting up in that particular time, it is going to make the dental visit so much harder, which often results in many cancelled visits. The service from our emergency dentist in Durban is here to handle this. If your child is due for an appointment and is having a relatively good day, then schedule an emergency appointment with our dentist in Durban so that you may take advantage of this and have a smoother time at it.