Emergency Dentist In Hilton

Emergency Dentist In HiltonMaintaining a twice yearly dental check-up is by far the best way to maintain a healthy mouth and avoid all of the dental problems that come along with tooth decay. Despite this, there are some issues that come along that warrant urgent treatment and this is where the Family Dental Care emergency dentist in Hilton comes along. The emergency dentist in Hilton is available 6 days a week to provide relief to sudden onset dental issues. Listed below are some of the potential conditions that could come up without warning and would need urgent intervention from an emergency dentist in Durban.


Tooth Infections

Tooth infections are caused by bacteria that have made their way into the tooth through decay or from a viral infection. A more common reason for needing an emergency dentist in Hilton is a emergency dentist in durbantoothache emanating from decay. When teeth are not cleaned properly, it will lead to bacteria that will become a sticky substance called plaque. When this is left on the tooth because of improper cleaning practises it will lead to tartar. Each of these components can be easily solved with routine visits to a dentist. If this is not done, then the hardened tartar will eventually start to rot on the portion of the tooth on which it is situated. The decay causes cavities, which are little holes on the tooth. The cavity then becomes very sensitive to touch making activities such as chewing very uncomfortable and even painful. Our emergency dentist in Hilton can immediately solve this by removing the decayed portion of the tooth and filling it in with a dental filling. This way the decay does not get the chance to keep eating further and further into the tooth. Emergency Dentist In Hilton

Dental infections do not occur solely on the tooth itself but can make its way into the root area of the tooth. This area is the base of the tooth containing all of the blood vessels and nerves which
provide the tooth with sensation and nutrients. An infection in this area, is therefore highly painful. In addition to the pain, patients will also experience bad breath, swollen gums and fever. These
are not the only reasons to see the emergency dentist in Hilton. Infections in this pulp area spreads very quickly causing the root of the tooth to become defunct making the only course forward being a tooth extraction. If an emergency dentist in Hilton is seen quickly, a root canal procedure can be performed. Once seen as the worst dental treatment to undergo, this is no longer the case nowadays as modern advancements have made it into a quick and pain free procedure. Prolonging a visit to the dentist only serves the purpose of allowing the infection to spread and cause more damage. The emergency dentist in Hilton has an x-ray machine to confirm the infection and a fully hygienic space in which to conduct the procedure. A root canal is virtually painless once the numbing solution has been injected into the mouth. To start off with, the emergency dentist in Hilton will have to drill into the tooth which has the infected root area. Once the area is accessible, the infected portion is removed and an intense cleaning of the area is done to remove any remaining infection. The drilled portion of the tooth is then filled out with a dental filling.


Cracked Tooth

Emergency Dentist In HiltonBorn from the bad habits of frequently clinching the teeth, a cracked tooth can leave serious consequences. A cracked tooth needs to be attended to immediately by an emergency dentist. A tooth crack can be classified as being below or above the gum line. When the crack is above the gum line, our emergency dentist in Hilton can use a filling or a crown to prevent the crack from extending below the gum line. If left untreated, the crack will extend below the gum line and at this point the only option available to the dentist will be to remove the tooth completely.


Emergency Dentist In HiltonTooth Extraction

When all attempts to save a tooth is exhausted then the tooth will have to be removed. To avoid this scenario, it is best to make an appointment with our emergency dentist in Hilton as soon as a problem arises. Usually you would be alerted by a toothache. Removing a tooth can be done in a manner of minutes by the emergency dentist in Hilton, after the anaesthetic has been administered. The numbing options are limited during an emergency visit to just a localized numbing injection. They do numb the area surrounding the tooth to be extracted allowing for no pain to be felt by the patient when the dentist pulls out the tooth from the socket.


Chipped Tooth

Generally, a toothache is the deciding factor in scheduling an appointment with an emergency dentist in Durban, however aesthetic reasons do pop up from time to time. Something as random as aEmergency Dentist In Hilton little off balance fall can cause a tooth to become chipped. There really isn’t an urgent need to get this fixed immediately, however there are some circumstances such as for those who interact with others daily and would want to have this unsightly broken tooth fixed as soon as possible. This is where the emergency dentist in Hilton comes in. An appointment can be scheduled to be done where the tooth will be corrected within a very short span of time. Our  emergency dentist in Hilton will fill out the chipped portion of the tooth with a composite filling material. This material is the preferred choice when it comes to fillings as there are no harmful after effects on the tooth and it can be formulated to match the exact colouring of the patients tooth. After the filling is bonded to the tooth and filed into the natural shape, the end result will be a normal looking tooth. There will be some tooth sensitivity following the procedure but the patient can go back to their normal routine when they leave the dentist’s office.