Family Dental Care Group and the best dentist in Table View

You can be assured of our adherence to dental excellence as part of the much-loved Family Dental Care Group and the best dentist in Table View.

dr martin claassenOur dentist at the helm is Dr Martin Claassen, who has fast garnered a favourable reputation with our Table Bay family of patients as being technically superb, warm and able to put you at ease no matter the dental procedure at hand. Dr Martin Claassen, like every other dentist at our branches nationwide, brings with him a highly pedigreed academic background and valuable, cutting-edge experience.

Our core brand pillar is ‘quality care without compromise’ and it underscores our entire philosophy. In particular, this means:

  • You are not merely a patient to us, but part of our extended family. Moreover, your oral health and happiness is literally our business, creating an even bigger imperative for us to serve you with distinction, innovation, empathy, and world-class dental services.
  • We are keenly aware of the need to be available to you. Whether you’re a walk-in patient or have made an appointment, we warmly welcome you.
  • As an allied medical service provider, we remain sensitive to the rigours of continual cost inflation and the toll this takes on individual and family budgets. Our default approach is to make every effort to cost resources in a budget-beating way, and to in-source lab work and the like to give us a competitive cost edge.
  • Staying abreast of dental innovation and best practice through continuously upskilling ourselves, creating the impetus for you to return to us time and time again.

Our dental services in Table Bay Mall

We would not be the best dentist in Table View if we could not offer a wide range of specialisation.

Accordingly, we offer a full-service dental suite. We are ably poised to handle all your dental emergencies, preventative and corrective care, aesthetic dentistry and beyond. Specifically, we offer:

  • Paediatric dentistry – we will journey with you from the moment your baby’s first tooth erupts. We cannot overestimate the value of helping you establish an ease with the dentist’s chair as early as possible when it comes to your toddler. Routine check-ups are far less challenging for all concerned when your child is exposed to it from early on. Prevention is better than cure, so we can possibly avoid the need for teenage braces if we can identify and correct habits such as thumb sucking which may lead to expensive dental corrections early on.
  • Restorative dentistry – one-day crowns, inlays and onlays, fillings
  • Orthodontics – we have specialist dental capabilities to handle all general orthodontic dental work
  • Cosmetic dentistry – say hello to your winning smile! We offer smile makeovers, veneers, zoom teeth whitening and as the latest techniques are declared medically safe, we implement them
  • Preventive and routine care – flouride treatments, polishing, scaling and more, tailored to your mouth and needs as a whole persondr martin claassen

Nothing is too daunting for Dr Martin Claassen and the team who are not only highly skilled in their own right, but have a national network of expertise at Family Dental Care to draw on as well.

Dentistry on demand

You’re never an inconvenience at the best dentist in Table View – as a walk-in client, you are as welcome as a by-appointment patient. This is part of our commitment to being the best dentist in Table View – life happens, we understand that! We have the staffing solutions and logistic maneuverability to work around unscheduled patient demand without impacting our client appointments for that day. You have to use an unexpected day’s leave wisely, we know. We also understand that you don’t schedule when your child decides to fall off his bicycle and chip his tooth.

When visiting the practice, simply let Dr Martin Claassen and the team know whether you can book a formal appointment or have arrived on a walk-in bases.

Incredibly reasonable rates

Recent VAT hikes have only added to the ‘pocket plunge’ effect being felt by consumers. One
of the ways we strive to maintain our position as the best dentist in Table View is through accessible, cost-effective care that is dispensed at industry-leading standards.

As always, we remain mindful of the cost of quality care, and try to pass on as few costs to our patients as possible. One of the ways we are able to do this is through our in-house lab, which not only lessens the time of treatment, but saves our patients from having to absorb third-party costs.

We have partnered with many medical aids so we are able to accept most medical aid rates.
Our cash rates remain highly competitive and affordable.

Saving for your child’s education and basic and advanced needs take priority, as we all know. As holistic practitioners, what we’ve seen evidenced time and time again though is that the health of your child’s mouth, teeth and gums are as much a priority as anything else. Dental problems often impact confidence – one of the core attributes any individual needs to succeed in life. On a more physical level, it has a long-term but no less real impact on the digestion, clear speech articulation and even immune functioning. Your mouth is the first bacterial and antifungal barrier in the vast majority of cases.

Holistic care in harmony with the needs of the whole person

We do not believe in planning a course of care that is disruptive to the rest of your needs as a whole person. Mentally, psychologically, emotionally and esoterically, a human functions best when all these elements synthesises well with what is happening physically. To that end, Dr Martin Claasen and the team remain mindful that best outcomes are only achieved when you as a patient genuinely agree with and accede to any recommended treatment options we may suggest.