Family Dental Care Now in Table View, Sunningdale and Surrounds

Due to unprecedented demand, KwaZulu-Natal’s leading dental practice is now proud to be servicing Table Bay and surrounds. Looking for a top-rated dentist in Blouberg or, an affordable dentist in Melkbos, walk-in dentist in Milnerton, a paediatric dentist in Sunningdale or a patient-centred dentist in Sunset beach? Then you’ve reached the right dental practice, because we are all of those important value touchpoints to our patients at each of our branches.

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Where to find us

Our state-of-the art and patient-centric offices are in the trendy Table Bay Mall in Sunningdale. Find us at the corner of the West Coast Road and Berkshire Boulevard.

Whether you’re searching for a dentist in Sunningdale or a dentist in Sunset Beach, you’ll find us a mere 5km away. We are conveniently close to all our catchment areas in Table View and Blouberg. With each of the following areas being 5 km or closer to us, that means we’re never more than 10 minutes away:

  • Table View
  • Blouberg
  • Milnerton
  • Melkbosstrand
  • Sunset Beach

Walk-in patients welcome

We know that life sometimes throws you curveballs. It may be that your meeting’s been cancelled or you’ve managed to get an unexpected day’s leave, or you or your child has a sudden dental emergency. These things happen – and often there is no time to call or email us to make an appointment.

You need a dentist on demand. That’s where we’re happy to be of service to you as well. Our logistics capabilities, human resources allocation, demand-and-supply monitoring and outstanding expertise puts us in pole position to offer a walk-in dental service without compromising our high levels of care, or patients awaiting their scheduled appointments.

What is a dental emergency?

Having said that particularly in the event of a dental emergency you should know that your unscheduled appointment or walk-in enquiry is welcome, how do you know if you’re really experiencing an emergency?

Jaw, tooth and gum problems are so inconvenient, that it always feels like an emergency we know! Most commonly though, you’ll know if it’s super urgent and head straight to us as your caring always-available dentist in Sunningdale if one of the following scenarios applies:

  • You are bleeding in your mouth, it won’t ease up or stop.
  • You’ve sustained a jaw injury and suspect you’ve fractured it.
  • You’re experiencing unusual swelling that’s also painful.
  • You have an excessively painful toothache – you’ve taken painkillers, but the sharp, biting pain retains its intensity.
  • You’ve lost a tooth, chipped your tooth or had it knocked out.

Uncompromising care at affordable rates

Making our expert dental services available to as many people as possible is one of our priorities. To this end we have partnered with more medical aid schemes than most other dentists – chances are, if you have medical aid, we’ll be able to provide our services at medical aid rates.

Speak to us should you have any payment queries or concerns.

How are we able to keep our rates lower than most? We in-source, rather than outsource, many functions. To this end we have our own central laboratory, and as a high-tech dentist in Sunningdale our state-of-the-art equipment includes 3D imaging capacity. This means being able to take an impression of your teeth and make your bridge or dentures with as minimal a need for third-party costs as possible.

Paediatric dentistry

This is one of our focus areas. We understand that as a parent, you need to identify the right dentist who will be at ease with your child in the chair. Dental visits in the formative years are critical as they set the tone for your child’s relationship with his or her approach to routine and other dental visits well into adulthood. Think of us as your experienced, expert, kid-friendly dentist in Parklands, Milnerton, Blouberg and Table View.

Not all dentists are equal at handling kids. We select and train our dentists with all our specialties in mind. Our offices have television sets and aren’t your typical cold, clinical and sterile rooms which frighten kids so much. We’ve made an effort to bring a kid-friendly energy to our offices through our interior decor as well.

Your child is never too young to visit the dentist and we can care for them from the moment that first tooth erupts! As a leading dentist in Blouberg and dentist in Sunset beach, we are highly skilled, qualified and adept at:

  • handling the particular issues in dentistry pertaining specifically to little ones, such as baby bottle caries or frenectomy
  • putting your little ones at ease with the treatments we offer
  • educating your little ones about the importance of routine dental hygiene
  • giving your little one the confidence to trust us to work in their mouth
  • consulting and collaborating with you, the parent, regarding any dental procedures t be carried out in your kid’s mouth.

Our holistic approach

You may be looking for a cosmetic dentist in Melkbosstrand or for a highly recommended dentist in Parklands who fits crowns and dental implants. No matter what your need, we make sure we put your best interests first.

That means not just executing what’s best for your mouth alone, but also what works for you mentally, psychologically, personality wise and lifestyle wise. Unlike other dentists, we won’t prescribe a course of action simply because it’s the quicker of two options – it has to be the best option when evaluated from every angle.

We are aware that it is you that has to live with the consequences of an intervention or procedure – not us, so we require you to be fully on board. We also pride ourselves on our high word-of-mouth referral rate – literally and figuratively! That will cease if we inflict choices on patients. The total cost of your happiness is what’s important to us – not the cost of paying us once, never to return because you were unhappy.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Sunningdale in sunningdale

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