Family Dental Care Now Offers Facial Enhancements!

We’ve got some exciting news…

Family Dental Care now offers facial enhancements!

Our facial enhancements include fillers and facial contour restoration.

  • Forehead and frown lines
  • Crow’s feet (side of eyes)
  • Moustache lines
  • Lip filler
  • Cheeks and chin filler
  • Mandible, laughter and moustache lines

Ballito, La Lucia and Table Bay Family Dental Care now offer these facial enhancements as an additional treatment in our dental chairs.

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Both the filler and facial contour restoration treatments are conducted using singular or a series of injections. The treatments are minimally invasive which means that it is non-surgical.

It’s inevitable – as our bodies go through the natural aging process, our facial contour may change slightly resulting in wrinkles and other facial lines. Sometimes our skin may also thin out resulting in the loss of facial volume. We can help you achieve your younger, youthful appearance for a more confident and happier you!

At Family Dental Care Botox, Dysport or Allergan are used for facial contour restoration treatments. Made up of a purified form of botulinum toxin obtained from bacteria which has been clinically tested and used for years to treat wrinkles and facial lines. These products work by blocking the nerve signals in the muscles, resulting in the muscle being temporarily paralyzed therefore reducing or softening the presence of wrinkles and unwanted lines.

Facial contour restoration treatments reduce facial lines, to restore a youthful facial appearance, and to treat jaw muscle pain caused by unintentional teeth grinding, stress, and anxiety. Although these treatments do not have a permanent effect and would need to be touched up, they’re less risky and less invasive than permanent surgical treatments.

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Juvederm Volift with lidocaine is the filler used for more volume looking lips, cheeks, chin, mandible, laughter and moustache lines. Fillers are a combination of substances (including substances that naturally exist in your body) which are injected under the surface of the skin to enhance volume and fullness.

Fillers work by increasing the skins supply of hyaluronic acid therefore adding volume and an appearance of fullness to the skin. Although this treatment does not offer permanent effect and would need to be touched up, it’s less risky and less invasive than permanent surgical treatments.

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Why have facial enhancements done at a dental practice?

Well, here’s why:

  • Our dentists are medical professionals who are familiar with medical instruments and patient infection control.
  • The dentists have specialised in facial enhancements and therefore have extensive knowledge on the products that they use.
  • The facial enhancement products being used are of a high-quality, reliable and do not cause any health risks.
  • Our dental practices maintain a high infection control and undergo stringent hygiene protocols to ensure the environment is hygienic and clean.

If you are considering any of the above facial enhancements mentioned, visit either our Ballito, La Lucia or Table Bay practice and you will not be disappointed with the results!

For your own safety, it is advised to have any form of facial enhancements done by medical professionals with experience and where the infection control is made a priority. Family Dental Care in a nutshell!

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