Family Dental Care is proudly a branded DSO (Dental Service Organisation). This has allowed us to ensure sustainable success through the employment of experts to effectively co-ordinate the management and operation of our various branches across Durban and Cape Town. In return, this has allowed all of our dental professionals to focus solely on their field of expertise, treatment plans and overall, their patients, ensuring an unforgettable experience!

Not only has it proven to be a great success within our dental practices, international trends have further shown that in moments of crisis such as the COVID-19 outbreak, the safest and most effective dental practices are those within a branded dental service organisation.

What is a Dental Service Organisation?

DSO’s refer to dental brands that have other people and experts other than the dental professionals who are responsible for the various management and operational tasks of a variety of dental practices. This way, the dental professionals are able to focus purely on their patients, their treatment plans and overall interactions and care with their patients without the worry of having to deal with extended admin work in order to ensure the overall success of the dental practice.

Advantages of branded DSO’s such as Family Dental Care:

  1. Dentists are able to purely focus their time and energy on their patients, their treatments and their patients’ overall dental experience,
  2. The dental professionals are not distracted from their main treatment focus by the management and operation of the overall admin of the practice. This is now handled by other experts,
  3. The standard of the dental care provided by the dentists are of a higher quality and the execution is of a higher standard as the dentist has more time to focus on the patient’s treatment and spends all necessary time required to achieve the desired results.
  4. Experts in the management and operations of the dental practice are able to effectively ensure the swift running of these responsibilities and success of the practice (or various practices) as opposed to dentists who may not be as experienced in this.
  5. Dentists are provided with better opportunities to be introduced to and make use of the latest dental technology that can be used to provide patients with an even higher quality of dental treatments. It further expands the treatment capabilities of the dentist and therefore increased practice success.

We therefore welcome you to join our team if you are a dental professional who:

  • Is working in a private dental practice and feeling the pinch due to COVID-19?
  • Tired of the admin and the stress of high overheads of your dental practice?
  • Is wanting to convert your practice into a state-of-the-art digital dental facility?
  • Desires the safety and benefits of being part of a brand?

Why not consider joining one of the fastest growing dental practice brands in the country?

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