Female Dentist in Hilton

female dentist in hiltonIf you are looking specifically for a female dentist in Hilton, then look no further than the Family Dental Care Hilton branch. Here patients can schedule an appointment with a female dentist if they would feel more comfortable with a female doctor handling their dental needs. This is often in the case of parents choosing a dentist for their children’s first time dentist visit, in the hope that a female dentist will be seen as sort of a maternal figure, putting them more at ease. Many women are also more comfortable being in such close quarters to a female dentist rather than that of a male dentist.



Routine Dental Visits with the Female Dentist in Hilton

Keeping a healthy and clean mouth with a twice daily brushing and flossing routine is a good basic habit for maintenance however a visit to the female dentist in Hilton should be done in conjunction with this, preferably every 6 months. During this time period, she can easily remove any plaque build-up that has not been removed with brushing and flossing alone. In addition she will also give a professional clean, do a polish and provide a fluoride treatment. This treatment helps to prevent cavities from forming on the teeth.


Paediatric Female Dentist in Hiltonfemale dentist in hilton

Paediatric dental care has different challenges to that of an adult and the female dentist in Hilton is fully equipped to deal specifically with these issues. In addition to providing a friendly face and a comfortable space, the female dentist in Hilton provides specific services for kids. The first is attaching a space maintainer to an area that has recently lost a primary tooth. The idea with this attachment is to keep the space open until such time that the permanent teeth erupts. If this is not used then other teeth may begin to crowd in on this area leaving the permanent tooth on that spot to grow out crooked. Another treatment offered by the female dentist in Hilton is a dental sealant. This can be used on adults as well but is especially given to kids who are prone to cavities. The plastic coated sealant provides a smooth surface over the tops of molars so that food particles can then not easily get stuck in the tiny grooves found on these teeth.



Cosmetic Treatments Available from the Female Dentist in Hilton

  • Fillings- dental fillings are the fastest way to get a cosmetic fix to a tooth, especially if there is a chip to the front tooth. The area around the tooth will need to be numbed via injections to the mouth, which will wear off in a couple of hours. Our female dentist in Hilton uses the composite filling which gives a natural look to the tooth upon completion. After the numbing has taken effect, the dentist applies the pliable filling onto the tooth and hardens it with a UV light. Once done, she will file it down to the required shape and give a final polish.
  • Veneers- for veneers, a tiny bit of the front of the tooth is removed, to make space for the porcelain veneer to be attached. Veneers are chosen if the patient just needs some adjustment to the look of their teeth without having to endure some of the more complex cosmetic techniques.female dentist in hilton
  • Crowns- crowns are also a porcelain material but their function is to cover the whole tooth. They are used to restore a tooth when much of the tooth structure is gone. Our female dentist in Hilton uses the CEREC dental restoration system in her office so a crown can be made during that appointment, negating the need for a follow up visit to receive the crown. Firstly an x-ray is done to confirm that the tooth is healthy and that there is no infection which can affect the tooth. A digital impression is then done which is sent to the CEREC system. The female dentist in Hilton will use the software from the system to create the crown. Since it is done digitally, the measurements are close to perfect. The machine will then make the crown right then and there which will be ready around 20 minutes later. The crown is then permanently cemented onto the tooth.
  • Implants- if there is no tooth at all for a crown to be cemented onto, then an implant will have to be placed in first. This implant is a titanium screw which will then bond into the jaw, taking a couple of months to do so after which the crown can be cemented onto it.
  • Braces- our female dentist in Hilton does not provide the traditional wire braces but the Right Align system which are plastic retainers. Shaped like mouth guards but a lot thinner to fit comfortably over teeth, these retainers are removable and almost undetectable when worn. Patients are regularly given a new set which are incrementally different in size to encourage movement of teeth into the required spot.


Visiting the Female Dentist in Hilton in an Emergency

Sometimes an emergency visit to the dentist is needed for the same day when a toothache is unbearable. Our female dentist in Hilton can be contacted in such instances. Some of the main reasons to visit the dentist in an emergency would be an infection, cracked tooth or to remove a loose tooth.

  • female dentist in hiltonInfections can affect the root of the tooth and gums as well. An infected root canal requires immediate attention. A root canal procedure will need to be done to remove the infection from this part of the tooth. An x-ray will first be done to confirm the presence of the infection in the root area. The tooth is then prepared for the procedure which is to be done in the most hygienic of circumstances. Our female dentist in Hilton will drill into the tooth, right into the root. Here she will remove all of the infection and clean out the area properly before closing out the tooth with a dental filling.
  • A cracked tooth also warrants an emergency visit to the dentist. It may present itself in pain and the patient may not even know that their tooth is cracked. If diagnosed before the crack has spread below the gum line then our female dentist in Hilton will be able to save the tooth using either dental fillings or a crown. Once the crack has broken past this barrier line, the only option moving forward would be to remove the tooth entirely.