Female Dentist in La Lucia

Female Dentist in La LuciaThere is often a requirement from patients needing dental care, who specifically request for a female dentist. This is done especially in the case of parents looking for a dentist for their kids. Female dentists are perceived as being much gentler than their male counterparts making children react much better to them. Many women patients also prefer seeing female dentists for cultural issues or simply just being more comfortable in the presence of a woman. The Family Dental Care Group offers a female dentist at their La Lucia branch. The female dentist in La Lucia is available from 8:30 until 17:30 during the week and 8:00 until 13:00 on Saturdays.


Paediatric Care from A Female Dentist in La Lucia

PREVENTATIVE- the female dentist in La Lucia is a fantastic way to introduce kids to the concept of dental visits and to best preserve the healthy nature of their teeth. She is adept at putting kids at ease and to slowly make her way into doing a full dental check-up. Kids should start seeing the female dentist in La Lucia as soon as their teeth begin to erupt. This way, a relationship is formed with the dentist and they can acknowledge that dentist visits are not so scary. If there are any problems down the line, they will already be familiar with the dentist and procedures can be carried out with relatively less anxiety. Female Dentist in La Lucia

TOOTH EXTRACTIONS- It will be much easier for the dentist to extract the tooth from a child who is already comfortable in her presence than one she is seeing for the first time.

FILLINGS- dental fillings are a treatment offered by the female dentist in La Lucia which serves the purpose of filling in the removed portion of a tooth that had been infected with decay. Without the dental filling there would be a hole in the tooth. Before a filling treatment can be done, the area around it will have to be numbed via a local anaesthetic. This will wear off in a couple of hours but there will be sensitivity on the treated tooth that can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Once the area is numb, the dentist will remove any decay from the tooth by drilling it away. This gap is then filled in with the dental filling. The dentist uses a composite filling because it is better at blending in with the rest of the tooth giving a final appearance of a natural looking tooth.

SPACE MAINTAINERS- a space maintainer is a wire bracket which is attached to a child’s mouth, as sort of a space keeper. This is done when primary teeth fall out early. The space maintainer will ensure that the surrounding teeth do not crowd in on that area. It is removed when the permanent teeth comes out. In some instances, if space maintainers are not used, then it will lead to future orthodontic intervention to put right.


Adult Dental Care from the Female Dentist in La Lucia

Female Dentist in La LuciaPREVENTATIVE- the female dentist in La Lucia is available all week long and even on Saturdays, for those patients who prefer that their dental care be provided by a woman. She should ideally be seen twice a year for maintaining a healthy mouth. Any decay, gum disease or cracked tooth that are in the early stages of formation can be treated before they can worsen. Decay can be removed and filled with a dental filling. If left too long without treatment, longer and expensive procedures will be required to repair the tooth. Gum disease can be treated before it spreads into the connective tissue which can result in the tooth in the area loosening and falling out. During the twice yearly visit to the female dentist in La Lucia, patients can expect a professional dental cleaning along with an assessment of whether teeth are developing any of the above mentioned concerns.

EMERGENCY TREATMENT- an emergency appointment can be scheduled with the female dentist in La Lucia should the need arise. Pain caused by infections or cracked tooth are best handled immediately, or the pain will just escalate. One of the most harrowing emergency procedures offered by dentists is the root canal. This is when an infection has spread to the pulp of the tooth. If this infection is not removed, it will cause all of the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth to die, leading to removal of the tooth. The emergency visit for a root canal is done so that the infection does not have the time to spread further down. A cracked tooth must be seen by a dentist as soon as possible. This is because if the crack is above the gum line, the tooth can be repaired. If this is not taken care of with a visit to the dentist then the crack will spread. Once this crack goes beneath the gum line, the entire tooth will have to be removed.

Female Dentist in La LuciaCOSMETIC- cosmetic treatments offered by the female dentist in La Lucia range from dental implants, fillings, crowns and veneers. She will recommend the best choice for the patient depending on the severity of the case.

  • Dental fillings are not only used to fix decay, but for chipped front teeth as well. They blend in so well that once done the tooth will look like it did prior to being chipped.
  • Veneers are used for front teeth as well. It is a thin porcelain chip bonded onto the front of the tooth to give a bit of an aesthetic lift in terms of colour, size or shape.
  • Crowns are a dental material which is shaped like a tooth. It is then placed over a tooth that has lost much of its structure. It can also be placed over a dental implant if a tooth has been lost completely.
  • Implants are a titanium screw which is surgically inserted into the jaw. It will take a couple of months for the screw to bond into the jaw, after which the crown is attached.