Female Dentist in Waterfall

female dentist in waterfallThere are many reasons that some people would prefer seeing a female dentist to that of a male dentist. Women for instance may feel more at ease being treated by a fellow woman or may have this requirement based on cultural or religious reasons. Children as well, sometimes feel calmer when visiting a female dentist because they view them as being gentler to that of male dentists. For this reason, parents look to start their kid’s dental journey by seeking out not just a paediatric dentist but one who is female as well. Family Dental Care Group does have a female dentist based at the Family Dental Care branch in Waterfall. The female dentist in Waterfall is available for paediatric, cosmetic, emergency and preventative dentistry every weekday and on Saturdays.


Paediatric Dentistry with the Female Dentist in Waterfall

female dentist in waterfallOur female dentist in Waterfall is fully equipped with both the physical and emotional factors that go into dental visits for children. There are television screens to occupy kids and comfortable seating in the dental rooms. The emotional factor comes from the experience gained by paediatric dentists when handling children who are nervous about dental visits. In most instances kids will just need a clean, polish and a fluoride treatment at their twice yearly check-ups. Prevention is also undertaken at these visits if the kid is prone to cavities. Our female dentist in Waterfall will then recommend for a dental sealant to cover the tops of molars where cavities occur most. This area of tooth has many tiny gaps which attract smaller pieces of food particles which are not easily removed with a daily brushing routine. The sealant provides a smoother surface so that food particles do not get stuck in these grooves, thereby preventing them from forming cavities. The dentist can also put in space maintainers when a primary tooth has fallen out earlier than expected. The space maintainer will keep the space of the fallen tooth open until such time that the permanent tooth breaks through. This area of space needs to be kept open so that adjacent teeth do not push into this area.


Cosmetic Dentistry with the Female Dentist in Waterfall

There are many cosmetic dentistry options offered by the female dentist in Waterfall namely

  • Fillings- fillings can be used to cover up a hole left behind after decay has been removed from a tooth or to repair a chipped tooth. Our female dentist in Waterfall uses the composite dental filling for its aesthetic capabilities as well as long term durability. A composite filling paste is bonded onto the affected tooth and hardened with a UV light. Once done, the dentist will file it down into the required shape with the end result being a normal looking tooth.
  • Veneers- veneers are a thin piece of porcelain chip that is bonded onto the front of teeth. They are used to change the shape, colour or size of a tooth and mainly serve a cosmetic function on the tooth.female dentist in waterfall
  • Crowns- crowns are also made with porcelain but instead of covering just the front of the tooth, they will cover the entire tooth. This option is selected by the female dentist in Waterfall if there is not much tooth structure left. In the past it took several visits to the dentist to have one fitted. Our female dentist in Waterfall has the CEREC system on site which allows for the design and fabrication of the crown to be done in less than an hour allowing for the patient to only make one visit to get a new crown.
  • Bridges- bridges are a crown that will take the place of a missing tooth. They are attached to adjacent crowns which is how they stay in place.
  • Implants- implants are the permanent way of getting totally new teeth. When permanent teeth have fallen out, a titanium screw will be attached into the jaw in that spot. It will take several months for the implant to become permanently bonded into the jaw, at which time a crown can be attached to it. Teeth do not only provide a chewing function but also help keep the features in the face from drooping. Having implants inserted, restores both of these duties.
  • Right Align braces are the convenient way to straighten teeth. A new set of plastic retainers are given to patients every few weeks, each of which are shaped a bit differently allowing for gradual movement of teeth into the desired place. The benefit of this method is that it is unnoticeable once worn and can be removed at will.


Emergency Dentistry with the Female Dentist in Waterfall

female dentist in waterfallThe female dentist in Waterfall renders her service 6 days a week. In the case of a dental emergency, an urgent appointment can be scheduled to accommodate a patient. Emergency treatment is recommended for a really painful toothache. Toothache can be caused by any number of reasons. The female dentist in Waterfall will need to either do a physical examination or an x-ray to diagnose the problem. A severe toothache can mean an infected root canal or a cracked tooth. Both of these issues will result in the loss of a tooth if left untreated. A cracked tooth or infected root canal can only be fixed if the patient gets to the female dentist in Waterfall before it has spread too far in.