Game Changing Tools And Technology

Game Changing Tools And Technology

In the dental industry there are always new findings and modern technology that is being developed. These modern forms of technology ensure that our dentists stay ahead and optimise the care that they are able to provide to each patient. There are many forms of technology that have been developed that are both a benefit of the dentist and the patient. The game changing tools and technology that have entered the market are the digital intraoral scanners, 3D digital X-rays and the wand.

Let’s have a look at what these game changing technological machines have to offer:

Digital Intraoral Scanner

The digital intraoral scanners are a compact hand-piece that allows for quick digital powder-free dental impressions. The fact that the impression are digital it makes the process a lot faster as well as allowing the process of the impression to be done with ease.

Digital Smile Design

DSD refers to the digital design of smiles by means of understanding the relationship between the teeth, gums and lips. It allows dentists to develop a smile that perfectly matches the individual patients’ aesthetic and functional needs whilst providing minimally invasive dentistry. It further provides patients with a digital image of the end result before treatment is received.

3D Digital X-rays

3D Digital X-rays are x-rays that not only decrease your radiation exposure; they also decrease your waiting time, and increase the amount of information that can be gathered. The x-rays allow the dentist to see the mouth in three dimensions and allow them to better visualize, plan, and treat dental conditions.

The Wand pain free injection

The Wand is a computer-controlled dental injection system and has the appearance more like a fine tipped pen. With rapid onset, the computer controlled the flow rate and light pressure of administering local anaesthetic means the injection is guaranteed to be slow, steady and more comfortable.

These are only a few of the modern technology that is made available to dentists today. At Family Dental Care we are aware of the importance of staying ahead and thus ensure that all the technology that we use are world-class and further ensure that all our Durban dentists attend continuous training to stay ahead to offer our patients the best possible care.

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