We are giving back during this time of need – All virtual consultation proceeds go to the Gift of the Givers foundation!

The Gift of the Givers foundation is the largest disaster response non-governmental organisation in Africa with the ultimate aim to bring hope and restore dignity to the most vulnerable in need of any kind of assistance.

As a result of our current global crisis, they have launched a fundraising campaign to support our medical practitioners (doctors, nurses and medical staff) on the Frontline of the Corona Virus outbreak in SA.

Funds raised will be used for:

> Manual and automated ventilation equipment

>Incubation equipment

> Safety equipment for medical staff

>medical supplies

Gift of the givers have also recently set up various COVID-19 testing facilities with the purpose of testing for the coronavirus at a reduced, more affordable rate.

They recognized the problem that many people were facing in relation to the costs of testing and have therefore given citizens the opportunity to receive coronavirus testing at a subsidized rate of R750.

We’re all in this together!

Let’s work together to help each other.