Hidden Sugars In Food And Drinks – The Impact On Your Teeth

It is important to be aware of the various obvious and hidden sugars in the foods that you and your children consume on a daily basis.
Among the many foods, the most commonly consumed foods containing hidden sugars are
•pasta sauces,
•canned and dried fruits,
•salad dressings,
•breakfast cereals,
•yoghurt and
•fruit juices. 
Not only does a large intake of sugar affect your overall health but also your oral health, causing toothache due to cavities and in severe cases, gum disease.

Tooth Decay caused by sugar intake

The plaque that exists on your teeth will use the sugar that comes into contact with as a form of energy, creating an acid which ultimately causes the enamel of your teeth to weaken creating holes known as cavities.
Cavities result in extreme pain and even at times tooth loss. A reliable dentist from Family Dental Care in Durban or Cape Town would need to be consulted in order to address cavities through the use of fillings to prevent further damaged to the tooth or extraction.

Prevention of tooth decay

1.Brush your teeth twice a day.
2.Floss between all your teeth at least once a day to remove any trapped food particles.
3.Eat balanced meals that do not contain too many sugars and limit snacking between meals.
4.Visit Family Dental Care every 6 months for professional cleanings.
If in the case of tooth decay, be sure to visit any of the Family Dental Care practices in Durban or Cape Town.

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