How Is a Dental Abscess Treated?

A dental abscess is a pus-filled swelling at the root of an infected tooth. Often painful, an abscess is caused by infection or from severe gum disease. Here’s what is involved in treating a dental abscess.

Initial Treatment

Initially, your dentist will drain the abscess of the pus to remove infected matter. They may carry out a deep cleaning, or root polishing and scaling, if the abscess was a result of gum disease. Antibiotics will be prescribed to stop the infection from returning.

Restoring the Tooth

If the infection was in the nerve tissue of the tooth your dentist will look to save the tooth through root canal treatment. The infection is removed, the tooth filled to prevent its return and, depending on circumstances, a crown fitted.

Last Resort

Unfortunately, if the tooth cannot be saved your dentist will need to extract it. A solution to its replacement is important in helping to prevent jaw bone loss.

You may consider a dental implant as it is a very natural-looking and functioning replacement tooth. A dental bridge is also an option, although that will impact the surrounding teeth. Your dentist will explain these options more fully.

Get Treatment Right Away

Regardless of how a dental abscess forms, it is essential to seek the earliest possible dental intervention to relieve pain and help save the tooth.

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SOURCE: What is a Dental Abscess and How Is It Treated?

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