Inman Aligners

What is the Inman Aligner?

Inman Aligners are a revolutionary new way of getting straighter teeth. They are used for getting the front teeth into a more desirable position for a better smile. It is the front teeth’s positioning that is most important when it comes to a smile. A gap takes focus away from the rest of the teeth. This is also particularly the area where overcrowding is bound to happen causing a lot of inman alignersunevenness. Options to straighten teeth include the metal braces which are bound together by wires. These wires are tightened at various intervals which promote the movement of the teeth. There is considerable discomfort to this option. Clear aligners were then introduced to dentistry. They are much more comfortable and removable, though it is also far more expensive, due to the constant changing of the aligner shape. For the front teeth, getting a straighter look is very possible with veneers. The problem here, is that they would require for a bit of the front of the tooth to be removed so that a bit of space is created for the veneer to sit on perfectly. Many people do not like the idea of this permanence.

Then comes the Inman Aligners, which offers the perfect solution without all of the above disadvantages. The Inman Aligner can be taken out at will as it is not a permanent fixture in the mouth. It gently moves the teeth using spring action so there is no extreme tightening to contend with. It also takes mere weeks for results to be achieved, so no more struggling for years on end to achieve straight teeth. A consult is needed to confirm that you would be a good candidate to undergo the treatment. Each patient is different so a set time limit and pricing of the Inman Aligner cannot be given in the general scope.


How do Inman Aligners work?

  • Inman Aligners are different from other straightening methods in that this system uses titanium coil springs that give a little more boost to the aligner to speed up the movement of the teeth. inman alignersIt is this spring that ensures this is done in a firm yet gentle manner. The aligner works from both the front side and the back of the teeth.
  • Our dentist would first have to ascertain that you would be a suitable candidate. Inman Aligners only straighten the middle 6 teeth on both the top and bottom. Cases that the aligner would be suitable for include overcrowding, cross-bite and protrusion of the teeth.
  • Each aligner is custom made for a patient undergoing the process. An impression would therefore be needed to get this going, to make the Inman Aligner to perfectly fit onto the teeth.
  • Check-ups are done every 2 weeks or so. This is just for our dentist to ensure that the straightening is happening according to schedule.
  • Retainers will need to be worn by patients after the Inman Aligner has done its job. There are 2 options. The lingually bonded retainer is an irremovable fixture in the mouth. It is a wire retainer which is bonded to the back of the teeth so it is not in plain sight. A plastic retainer can also be used. This is the removable option and can be worn at will. Our dentist will recommend suitable amount of times that each patient would need to wear them.

inman aligners

Further Information on Inman Aligners in Durban

Only a certified dentist is allowed to use Inman Aligners. At Family Dental Care you will be in the hands of a fully trained and certified dentist for the patented Inman Aligners system.

Inman Aligners are removable so patients can take them out during meals, social events or if engaging in contact sports where a mouthpiece is needed. They need to be worn every day during the inman alignerstreatment course. It is recommended for this daily allowance to be at least 16 hours to a maximum of 20 hours.

Inman Aligners are cheaper than other forms of teeth straightening methods. The quickness gained from the spring coil action brings down treatment time and hence the fewer amount of check-ups that are needed. In most of the cases, only one Inman appliance will be needed for the completion of the treatment. There is no need to renew wires or to manufacture a new aligner. This is an added cost saving measure of Inman Aligners in Durban. Our dentist will outline the cost and the treatment time that will be required during the initial consult.

Having straighter teeth is not just for aesthetic purposes. Health concerns are addressed as well. Teeth are ever moving, all through a person’s life. This may not seem like an issue because it is done in such a minuscule way, but it is happening. This is why teeth get crowded even as we age and also how they end up crooked even though they could have being straight at one point. Uneven teeth are at a higher risk of having their dentin exposed and leaving the tooth susceptible to staining. Inman Aligners are also great for those who have undergone teeth straightening in the past but a few of the front teeth have relapsed a bit. Many people put it off because they know the torture and cost of going through straightening.