Looking for a Dentist in Durban

Looking for a dentist in Durban? Make Family Dental Care your first choice

Don’t look any further if what you need is an expertly trained, experienced dentist in Durban who will attend to your mouth emergency or routine check up with care. As a leading family dentist in Durban, we cater for the whole family, whether infant, young, young adult, parent or the elderly. We understand the crises and needs of the mouth at each stage of life. We also practise cosmetic dentistry so we are able to cater to your needs whether they are ‘normal’ or aesthetic and do so with the integrity of each person’s wellbeing at heart. The general upliftment and quality of life of each patient post every procedure is fundamental to what we do, so as we always proudly say: ‘We are a group of dental practices that provides quality care without compromise’.

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Walk-in or appointments welcome

Our dental studios feature advanced equipment to minimise your time in the chair as much as possible and you are also welcome to make us your walk-in dentist in Durban, without an appointment. Although we have a large number of patients to attend to on any given day, our human resource and studio infrastructure makes it possible for us to accommodate walk-in patients without causing bottleneck delays to prior appointments. Please visit us at any of our many branches. You’ll find us in Durban North, La Lucia, Linkhills, Medical on Main and Ballito.

We are proud to say that we received good feedback from our patients. We are confident that should you ask any of them, they will refer you to Family Dental Care as a skilled, caring dentist in Durban.

A skilled dentist component and stand-out treatments

We have hand-selected only the best dentists to join our staff. Our dentists are professionally trained and attend ongoing education courses so we are abreast of the latest dental techniques and developments. We are thoroughly equipped to handle any tooth, jaw, gum or mouth issue as a first-class dentist in Durban. We are trained in Basic Dentistry, Dental Materials, Endodontics, Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics and Implantology, while some of our doctors have also gone on to attain postgraduate diplomas and successfully completed master’s specialist training programmes.

dentist in durbanShould you need a dentist in Durban for your young one who may fear visiting the dentist, fear not. We offer paediatric dental care at all our branches. Our dentists are trained to calm fearful or energetic young patients, to put them at ease, and to educate them. Our aim is to make first visits to the dentist as smooth as possible as we are well aware that not doing so can set a bad precedent for your child, and result in resistance when it comes to subsequent dental visits.

At our offices we provide a full spectrum of specialised preventive care, restorative dentistry, and orthodontic treatment from a very young stage through to adolescence and beyond for those children with special mouth health care needs. Fixing crooked teeth or gaps, for example, is always better done earlier than later. The temporary adjustment a child may need to make is much better than lasting smile issues which persist into adulthood, and affect confidence.

We follow a patient-centric approach and accept medical aids, and have always strive to keep our cash rates as reasonable as possible. We are intent as making our services as accessible as possible on all fronts. Putting our patients at the heart of what we do means selecting the treatment that best fits and not rigidly proceeding with a course of treatment that a patient may have reservations about. We are always happy to field your questions before proceeding. Should you want to make use of our free mini-consultation especially if it is your first time with us, please get in touch and let us know.

Advanced equipment

Our dental lab is one of the most sophisticated. We have invested in 3D scanners and imaging and other time-saving technology so that where possible, we can save patients time. Time is cut down through not being able to outsource or send off samples to a lab for further testing or molds whenever possible, as in the case of crowns. Imaging means that in many cases, we can show you what you would look like after a selected course of treatment before embarking on the treatment. We are aware that peace of mind is critical.

 dentist in durban


As a leading dentist in Durban, we are also able to perform general orthodontic work in many of our branches. This precludes the need for patients to go elsewhere in search of professional orthodontic services.

Cosmetic dentistry in Durban

Cosmetic dentistry is another big area that we cater to, in case you may be searching for a cosmetic dentist in Durban. We are able to perform comprehensive smile makeovers as well as effect smaller aesthetic changes you may need. We are expertly able to effect digital smile design, veneers, implants, crowns and teeth whitening. In each case, we will not haphazardly  proceed with a course of action, but ensure that you are a good candidate for a procedure. Not doing a thorough assessment and proceeding blindly could lead to risks later on, which is why we always brief our patients thoroughly about what can be expected, including recovery times, post-procedure maintenance and expected mouthfeel.


Make us your first choice of dentist in Durban – our promise to you is that we’ll always deliver better than what you expect of us.