One Day Crowns

one day crownsHaving good healthy teeth has never been easier than it is in this day and age. Dental treatments such as crowns and implants have made it possible to replace the lost portion of a tooth or a tooth altogether. As much as crowns have made the restoration of a tooth possible, it still is a hassle to have to schedule a couple of visits to the dentist to have them fitted. Family Dental Care is certified to offer one day crowns in Durban. The entire process has now been compacted into a single session. Let’s take a closer look at getting one day crowns in Durban.

one day crowns durban

Who is a Candidate for Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a porcelain material that has been shaped to be bonded over a tooth. Their purpose is to add structure to a tooth that has lost its own. Several reasons lead to this.

  • Teeth that have been damaged by trauma will need the crown to offer a bit of stability to the tooth.
  • The usual method of replacing the gap left behind by the removal of decay is by using a dental filling. If the cavity was too large and started making its way really deep into the tooth, then crowns are the next restorative option chosen. one day crowns durban
  • Amalgam fillings can be replaced with a crown. The same principle applies. These unsightly metal fillings can be replaced with a crown for a more natural look on the tooth.
  • A crown is an option for the tooth once a root canal has been performed.
  • Implants require a crown to be attached to it as the new permanent tooth. A person can get an entire set of new teeth this way. Once the implant has become firmly bonded onto the jaw, one day crowns can be made to be fitted onto the implant. After months of having just the implant in that spot, there will not have to be a minutes more wait to have the crown fitted.
  • Discoloured teeth can be permanently fixed with crowns. Since one day crowns can be fabricated in any colour, the dentist would make it to be a few shades brighter than the patient’s current colouring and thereby have instant brighter teeth. With teeth whitening procedures, there is the element of a little bit of damage to the enamel of the tooth and not to mention having to have the process repeated yearly. Porcelain one day crown do not stain, so this brightness will last a long while.


CEREC One Day Crowns

Going the CEREC route in getting crowns offers a host of benefits. Firstly, the time commitment is a huge factor. With just a single visit, there is no need to have to schedule multiple visits. You will not be sent home with a temporary crown which provides quite a discomfort in the mouth. Instead, you would have a newly milled crown placed immediately onto your tooth. Crowns are made of natural porcelain material which can be made into any colouring and blend in excellently with the rest of the teeth. They are also resistant to decay and will last for years to come. one day crownsPorcelain being a natural material, is highly compatible with the rest of the tissue in the mouth. One day crowns in Durban are not covered by health plans and will have to be paid out of pocket. It should be mentioned though, that getting one day crowns in Durban is one of the more affordable places to have them done, both worldwide and in South Africa. The city boasts world class dentists and people come not only for fun in the sun, but for their expertise as well. Not every dentist offers the CEREC system for one day crowns but Family Dental Care does, across all of our branches in the city. Patients can have a single crown fitted or multiple ones at the same visit. Getting a crown should not be put off as something you will do later on. It may be classified as a cosmetic dental treatment, but functionally it provides structure for a tooth allowing it to not deteriorate further and being lost forever.

Fitting One Day Crowns

You would schedule an appointment at any of our branches in Durban from Monday to Saturday. The dentist will walk you through the procedure of getting one day crowns. It is not complicated and can even be completed in this session. If you would still need time to think about the costs and permanence of crowns, then you can do so at a later visit. During this first encounter, you would get a chance to ask the dentist any questions.

If there is any decay on the tooth, it will have to be removed before the crown can be attached. For this, an injected sedative is used. Within minutes, the area is numbed and the dentist can drill away the decay without any pain felt by the patient. This numbness will wear off in a couple of hours.

The next step in one day crowns is to use the CEREC system to get 3D imaging of the tooth. one day crowns

This image will be loaded onto the CEREC software to design a crown to fit the exact specifications of the tooth receiving it.

The machine will then fabricate the crown, right then and there. In the past the specs would have had to gone to a specialist and the patient would have to return in a couple of weeks to then have it fitted. Now, it takes mere minutes to make an individually designed crown, and it can therefore be fitted right away as well.

Then it is time for the final step in getting one day crowns. The dentist will bond the crown onto the tooth with a dental adhesive, ensuring that the bite is correctly aligned.

Crowns will last for years on end. They do not decay or stain but this is not a reason to start skimping on dental care. Keep to your routine daily brushing and flossing along with twice yearly dentist visits.