Same Day Crown Cerec

Family Dental Care Group is certified to use the new CEREC crown restoration system. The latest in single day crown replacement technology, the CEREC milling system enables patients to receive a custom fitting tooth in a few hours. Gone are the days of returning in two weeks to see if your new crown fits. Your teeth can be back to normal in the same day.

At Family Dental Care, we make sure that we keep up to date with ever-changing dental technology within the industry. It is for this reason that all of our practices are equipped with Intra-oral scanners.

These scanners allow our dentists to accurately and precisely conduct 3D impressions of their patient’s teeth and mouth and used when various forms of restorations are conducted.

The smart technology of the Intra-oral scanner assists the dentist and dental labs with creating natural-looking restorations such as crowns, implants, veneers, bridges, inlays, and onlays.

It furthermore provides the dentist and patients with more of an accurate fit, decreasing the number of adjustments, ultimately saving them time and money.

What’s even better is that digital dentistry is regarded to be more hygienic than analogue dentistry. The reason for digital dentistry being more hygienic is that when the impressions are taken, no moulds or powder impressions are placed onto the patient’s teeth, but instead, the intra-oral scanners use high-quality camera technology that makes 3D images of the patients’ teeth. This way, there are way fewer touchpoints throughout the process when compared to analogue or traditional impressions.

If you want to be part of high-quality digital dentistry, visit any one of our branches and be part of dentistry like no other!