Orthodontic dentistry refers to a variety of treatments conducted to correct teeth that are not correctly positioned in the mouth resulting in a series of dental problems.

One of the many orthodontic treatments includes braces consisting of a series of metal brackets, wires, and plastic bands that are all adjusted throughout the treatment duration.

Dental braces are used to straighten or move a person’s teeth into the correct position to achieve their appearance and functionality. Braces are ultimately beneficial for a person’s long-term oral health and ensure comfortable and practical
eating by distributing biting pressure equally across all teeth.

When is the right time to have braces done? Dentists usually recommend braces to be worn during a person’s childhood. However, this does not mean that adults cannot have the treatment done. Some children may be required to wait for all their permanent teeth to emerge before the dentist goes ahead with the treatment.

How to identify if you require braces?
There are a variety of reasons as to why you may require braces or why dentists may
recommend you have braces done.
Common reasons include:
• Overcrowded teeth resulting in teeth overlapping one another
• Crooked teeth
• Not enough space or even too much spacing between your teeth
• Upper front teeth that protrude out above the other teeth
• Lower teeth that have a bite behind your top teeth
• Upper teeth that have a bite behind your lower teeth
• To enhance or improve the appearance of your smile.

Dental retainers
Once your braces are removed after some time, a customised retainer needs to be worn to ensure that the newly positioned teeth do not shift back to their old positions. Retainers may either be a metal removable or fixed appliance used as a form of maintenance during post braces care.

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