Paediatric Dentistry

Preventative: At Family Dental Care, we see our patients as soon as they have teeth. In order to prevent decay, extractions and traumatic dental experiences, we believe early visits to the dentist are best. This will also allow your child to form a good relationship with their dentist, encouraging a lifetime of no- stress visits and healthier teeth.

At the first visit, a polish, cleaning and fluoride treatment is applied to all teeth. We have equipped our rooms with televisions and child friendly equipment to ensure it is a pleasant visit.

  1. Fissure sealants are done on the molars to seal off any deep grooves on areas that are more prone to decay.
  2. Space Maintainers are placed where teeth have been extracted. This will keep the space for permanent teeth to erupt, and reduce the chances of orthodontic treatment due to crowding of teeth.
  3. Conscious Sedation is done where children are anxious and difficult to treat by normal means. In these cases, we can opt to call in a qualified anaesthetist to sedate the patient, so that dental work can be carried out in the dental chair.
  4. General Anaesthetic is a last resort, whereby a child may require multiple dental fillings and/or extractions and finds it difficult to sit in the dental chair. In these cases, an appointment is made to take the child to a hospital theatre whereby he/she is put to sleep and all dental work can be carried out.
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