Preventative Care

Prevention of dental problems is our first and most fundamental belief at The Family Dental Care Group. A routine 6 monthly dental examination is essential to prevent dental decay and tooth ache, which can eventually lead to root canals and extractions if not addressed. Diagnostic x-rays are taken to view any hidden cavities, to assess oral development, the joints, the presence of impacted teeth as well as any other dental conditions.

Regular dental cleanings are required to remove plaque, calculus and tartar build up which can lead to gum disease. A scaling and polishing is done by your dentist as well as a fluoride treatment.

Your dentist will also explain dietary factors that can prevent cavities and enforce good oral hygiene by showing you correct brushing and flossing techniques.


It is advisable that you visit your dentist every 6 months so that a trained dentist can check all your teeth and ensure no cavities creep up and lead to tooth ache. Also a regular cleaning will reduce staining (from smoking and pigment containing foods) as well as prevent gum disease which is a very commonly undiagnosed and can lead to bad breath as well as loss of teeth at a later stage.