Restorative (TEETH FILLINGS)

White composite fillings are made of plastic material mixed with small glass particles and are tooth coloured, rather than silver. They are suitable for repairing both the front and the back teeth. The dentist will remove all decayed material from your tooth and use a special bonding agent to adhere the filling to your tooth.

Advantages of Composite:

  1. Tooth coloured and highly aesthetic material compared to silver coloured amalgam fillings.
  2. Composite fillings can be used to fill smaller holes than silver coloured amalgam fillings and therefore less tooth structure has to be cut away.
  3. Its biologically safe with no harmful effects.

Disadvantages of Composites

  1. Post operative sensitivity can be expected for a few days to a week after a filling has been placed.
  2. It may require more time to layer the composite material than the larger amalgam silver fillings.
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